5 Simple and Easy DIY Crafts For Kids During Summer Holidays

It is the season of summer holidays and the kids are enjoying their free time at home. In most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, schools are usually close in the month of June to August. So, it is better to involve your kids in some creative activities like DIY crafts for kids.

For the kids, the most healthy activity could be DIY crafts. They can make a lot of things from scrap or trash material at home. You can find a lot of DIY kids crafts ideas from various websites.

Here I will mention only a few good and easy DIY kid crafts project that your kids will love for sure.

DIY Tire Projects for Kids

DIY Hanging Tire Planters

If you have some old card tires at home then your kids can use them to make various things. For example, they can make old tile planters or they can even make a tire swing as well.

DIY Old Birdcage Planters for Kids

DIY birdcage planter

This is another good idea. If you have an old birdcage, you kids can convert it into a beautiful planter. They just need to clean and wash that. And then, they need to put some potting mix in the birdcage and plant their favorite flower in that. You can hang that in your garden, or if the plant is indoors, then you can also hang the birdcage planter inside your home.

Check this DIY old birdcage planter tutorial.

DIY Pen Holder for Kids

DIY Pen holders

A pen holder is a must-have item for every school going kid. They need to keep their pencils, colors, and pens in the pen holder. So it would be fun if you can guide your kids on how to make their own DIY pen holder from an empty soda can.

DIY Empty Plastic Bottle Crafts


At every house, there are a lot of empty plastic bottles available. Your kids can make a variety of crafts using empty plastic bottles. For example, they can make a lamp from the empty plastic can, or they can even make a verticle garden using empty plastic soda cans. Here you can check different creative ways to recycle empty plastic bottles into DIY crafts.

DIY Paper Crafts for Kids

DIY paper crafts Kids

Your kids would love to craft new things using the paper as well. You can find a lot of paper crafts tutorials from the internet or YouTube. Just let the kids watch and learn and then ask them to make their favorite DIY paper craft.

Why an alcohol intervention may be more relevant to you than you think!

Alcohol-Intervention Alcohol… A word we all know, a drink most of us have tried (and enjoy) but also a drug with spiraling effects. No matter how old you are, your gender, your job or your social status, we are all vulnerable to alcohol addiction and its harmful health impacts. This may involve our own drinking habits impacting us directly or ourselves being impacted by others.


Much of the US population believe they don’t come anything close to having an alcohol issue or addiction, yet many are shocked when they are approached by national statistics. They realize that even the most casual of drinking habits places them amongst the highest percentage of drinkers in the country. For example:

  • Only 30% of adult Americans don’t drink at all.
  • In 2015, it was reported that 56% of people aged 18 and over had drunk an alcoholic beverage in the last month throughout the US.
  • 7% of the American population (13.8 million) aged 18+ have a drinking problem and over half are diagnosed alcoholics.
  • Top 10% of American drinkers (24 million aged 18+) consumer 74 drinks on average per week.

What Happens Next?

If you have previously acknowledged that either yourself or someone you know may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, or those statistics feel closer to home than you thought they would, an alcohol intervention is likely necessary. Interventions don’t tend to focus on the amount of alcohol an individual consumes.

Instead, they focus on the urgent need for help and possible danger of alcohol imposes. It’s the reason for drinking the alcoholic drink in the first place that is of interest and concern. For example, people drink to numb depression, for confidence or because the individual is simply hooked on the high they receive. The underlying reasons are just as important to fix, and this is why an intervention is vital!

Help comes in various forms to work with everyone’s individual needs and lifestyle characteristics. For example, varying methods are used depending on whether the patient is young, middle-aged or old, have a family, have a career or are in education.

It also depends on the extent of alcohol addiction. Help is out there for all walks of life, but before help is received, the individual needs to confront their issues or be confronted, identify their issues and then seek medical attention.

So, What Is an Alcohol Intervention?

Confrontation. Acknowledging that yourself or a loved one needs help and plucking up the courage to approach the situation and attempt to seek professional help. The aim of the intervention is to combat the addiction and issues arising from alcohol consumption, through educating those it concerns about the impacts it can have, physically and mentally.

Battling addiction is most successful when professional help is requested. This is why intervention is the important link between acknowledging the issue and being treated.

Interventions are often staged privately with friends and/or family. A common setting may be the home, a place that feels safe and comfortable. It’s the process and opportunity to openly discuss the issues that have arisen, and why they have, and then form a plan on what to do next.

Many cases have found that alcoholics have experienced trauma in their childhood and therefore the type of treatment they need would incorporate a focus on the trauma also.

Issues You May Face with Alcohol Intervention

This all sounds marvelous, but it’s important to note that interventions ARE NOT easy for many people. In fact, they can be emotionally draining and can cause distress, tension and upset. Accepting that yourself or a loved one has got a problem is never a pleasant moment and it can take people a while to come to terms with it.

Many people feel nervous approaching an individual they believe are suffering or admitting that they themselves need help. More often than not people wait until the addiction has advanced to worrying and noticeable stages. This makes intervention even more vital and often means help has a smaller chance of being successful.

Some individuals and groups find it liberating to stage an intervention and report a great sense of relief wash over them when everything is out in the open. Recent reports and evidence on mental health suggests that talking always helps.

The thought of being helped and ending the dark period that is alcohol addiction brings about positivity and many people for the first time in a long time see a future worth living.

Since alcohol is legal in most places around the world, it’s often harder for the alcohol abuser to view it as a problem. This can make an alcohol intervention very difficult without professional assistance.

Many alcoholics don’t view alcohol to be as serious as other drugs such as cocaine and crystal meth. However, alcohol is the third leading preventable death in the US, totaling to 88,000 people dying from alcohol-related deaths every year.

Many alcoholics reveal similar traits and characteristics. This often comes in the form of denial and believe the cause of the problem is anything but their own. Normally due to the effects of the alcohol itself, they tend to be stubborn, selfish and self-absorbed people who take no accountability for their own actions.

They often blame their problems on everyone else. This all makes interventions hard for those staging it for others. This is why having professional alcohol interventionist by your side is highly encouraged, to help control and calm the situation.

So Just Do It!

Don’t wait to intervene if you feel yourself or someone close to you is spiraling out of control because of alcohol, or any drug for that matter. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to quit. Alcohol can kill you. So be brave, stare it in the face and your future will look a lot more promising.

What to wear in Egypt? A guide for Men and Women

what to wear egypt

What to wear is either depends on your own liking and disliking or on the weather conditions. But sometimes when you are at a place where you don’t belong, you must consider the local culture and customs of local people while choosing your clothes.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourists place in the world because of some amazing facts about Egyptian Pyramids. Every year a lot of tourists visit different historical and adventurous places in Egypt.

When you are going to Egypt, you should somehow care about your dressing. Egypt is a Muslim state and Muslim community have a special dress coding as they don’t want to reveal the body parts too much.

So, when you are in Egypt you should consider the sentiments of the local people and you should respect their concerns about dressing. When you are in a Muslim country, then not only the women but men should also know what they should wear and what they should not.

What to Wear in Egypt

Clothing tips for Women

As we all know that Muslims give much respect to women and they don’t want to reveal the body of women, so ladies should know what to wear while they are in Egypt.

What to Wear in Egypt

Well, don’t think that Egypt is a state of stone age where you have to cover yourself completely. People of Egypt are very friendly and they respect the ladies tourists as well.

Check these must-visit places in Pakistan.

They also understand that tourists can’t wear exactly the same clothes as the local people do. But anyhow, you can’t wear what you wear in the European countries.

While you are in your hotel, you can wear anything you like. But never think about going outside topless or in a Bikini. Women can wear long shorts and t-shirts. They will be more comfortable in this dress and the local people won’t mind as well.

While you are in a tourist place like El Gouna Excursions, you can even wear shorts with sleeveless shirts. People of Egypt on tourists places understand these things and they are more concerned about selling their product rather than noticing what you wear.

Again, never think to wear a Bikini or never go out topless even at the tourist place otherwise you might get upset by the behavior of the local people. Even regular tourists of Egypt don’t like if someone wears a bikini or a dress that is too much revealing on the public place.

Remember, Egyptian people dislike if women reveal some part of the stomach or hips. Too much exposure of the cleavage is also disliked. So, remember this while you are on Hurghada excursions.

If you are visiting a religious place, then you should be more careful and should wear a kaftan so that your complete body should be covered except your face, hands, and feet.

Clothing tips for Men

There is a specific dress code for men. But that is only for the local people. As a tourist, you are not bound to wear the same dress. Men have the same options as the women.

Many people believe that Muslims don’t like pant shirts, but that is not true. You can wear that without any hesitation. You can wear shorts, you can wear trousers as well.

So, this is what you should wear and what you should avoid wearing while you are in Egypt.

3 Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Project Ideas

Do you want to make some improvements to your house this season? If yes, then why not do it yourself to save some money to buy some extra gadgets for kids?

This is a good idea to save some amount of money with these easy and affordable DIY home improvement projects to utilize the money on some other things.

Try any of these 3 easy DIY home improvement projects to renovate your room or home:

Wallpaper One Wall to Give a New Look

The demand of the wallpapers is increasing so there are more variety and designs available now. You couldn’t find those beautiful wallpapers before at any retailer store.


So, the first thing you should do is to visit a few retailers or online shops who sell wallpapers.

Do not worry about the budget, you can start with just one wall of your room. It is not necessary to cover all the walls of your room with wallpaper. If you have a low budget, you can select one wall that needs the wallpaper at most.

Also, make your choice for the best wall which is suitable for the wallpaper. A wall which already has some decoration objects is not suitable for a wallpaper. A wall which is plain could be the best choice for installing wallpaper.

It is not necessary to buy a costly wallpaper for your room renovation. You can get the wallpaper from $150 to $250 for a modest wall.

Then, you can save a lot of money by installing that wallpaper yourself. But you should do this only if you are an experienced DIY guy. If you don’t have experience then don’t try this yourself as it will be more costly.

Halogen Track Lighting

While you are working in a storeroom where you store different things, you might need more light in different areas, or while working in the kitchen, you might need some extra light to do your work easily.

A tracking light can easily solve your problem as it allows you to set it to throw light at a specific area. A halogen bulb is a great fit for this as it illuminates the colors.

Halogen Tracking Light

Pic is taken from Familyhandyman.com

You can see in the picture that the rail system will hold the spotlight and the pendants and you can adjust the light anywhere you want on this 4 or 8 feet long rail. For a more decorative appearance, you can bend the rail a bit as well.

You don’t need to install any extra transformer for the tracking light. Most of the track lights you find will work on the household voltages.

All this will cost you just around $100 if you already have the electrical box in the ceiling.

Kitchen Rollouts

Kitchen renovations are the most important part of any home improvement project. For the basic job, you need to hire a professional general contractor in Vancouver (assuming that you are living in Vancouver).

kitchen rollouts

While you can do the small things yourself, like the kitchen rollouts. In the deep kitchen cabinets, there is a lot of storage space which is just wasted because you can access that space easily.

Rollouts solve this problem and it increases your storage space in the deep kitchen cabinets with no extra effort.

Though you can create your own rollouts as well, but if you are not interested then you can order one from any online store. Just fix that with four screws in the cabinet and you have much extra storage space in your deep kitchen cabinets.

You can easily get one rollout in $30 to $50 easily and it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to install one rollout.

Final words:

These are the 3 simple, easy and affordable DIY home improvement project ideas that can really help you to improve the look of your room, give you extra storage space, and good light for darker areas.

If you like these ideas, let us know and you can also share your ideas with us.

Polaris Blue Samsung Galaxy S9 will go on sale in time for the holidays

Samsung Polaris blue

The Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 will be launched in Germany in the Polaris Blue color. The Samsung’s flagship models in the Polaris blue colors are already available in Chinese and South Korean markets. But now, Samsung has decided to launch it in other countries as well.

Originally, both colors were announced for China and South Koria as Ice Blue, and now both the models will be available for sale in early December. The estimated price will be  €849 for Galaxy S9 and €949 for Galaxy S9+.

There will be a difference of Storage space in both the models of Ice Blue model for China/Korea and the Polaris Blue model announced for Germany. The Ice Blue color was available with 128GB of internal storage, while the Polaris blue model, which will be available in Germany, will be available in 64GB internal memory.

Samsung’s users will be expecting the Polaris Blue color for Note 9 as well, but unfortunately, there is no announcement for such a version.

Top Things To Do To Celebrate New Year’s Night 2019

new year night party

The New Year 2019 is not far away. Youngsters from around the world started planning to celebrate their New Year’s Night of 2019 with their buddies. They are looking for the best places around them to celebrate the new year’s eve. Here I will guide you where you should spend your New Year’s Eve around the world and what are the top things you can do to make the first night of 2019 memorable.

Here are a few things that you should do to celebrate the New Year’s Night 2019:

Send Happy New Year Wishes to Friends

Sending the best wishes and greetings to your loved ones for any occasion is a must. So how could you miss the happy new year 2019 wishes from your loved ones? Obviously, you are looking to receive the new year’s wishes from your friends and family members. So, you should do the same.

You should also send the Happy New Year Wishes for Friends and family members. You can send the new year wishes via SMS or you can send the text messages using WhatsApp as well. Sending or tagging your friends on Facebook in Happy New Year 2019 images is also a good idea that you should do so that your friends know you take care of them.

Host a New Year Night Party

If you have a good social circle and you have a lot of friends, or if you have a big lawn where you can invite guests then you should host a new year party. Invite your friends, relatives, and neighbors to your new year night BBQ party.

When you have a lot of people at your home and you are hosting a party, that would be fun. You can buy the fireworks in advance and can use the fireworks with your guests as soon as the celebration of the new year starts.

Go Out to Attend a Local Concert

If you don’t want to arrange a party, then you should search for a local concert around you. You can find a lot of concert and events in UAE, Melbourn, Perth, New York City, and other famous places around the world.

You can book your place for that concert in advance so that you can get the seats for you and for your buddies without any problem. It would be fun to enjoy the new year’s night by attending a concert that will go late at midnight.

Go and Watch FireWorks Show

In many areas of different countries, different organizations and companies arrange the fireworks show. You can go out without spending a single penny on buying a ticket and can enjoy the fireworks show.

You can find a lot of other people there and it is also possible that you meet some of your old friends at such fireworks show. You will feel happy if you find your old friends there if you didn’t meet him for a long time.

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android Mobile

recover deleted photos android

Capturing the special moments using a mobile camera is a craze these days and people loves to take selfies. This craze can be found in both men and women. Usually, friends also capture their parties and trips in the mobile. Then they watch the pictures together when they meet again after years.

No one wants to lose these precious moments which are saved in form of pictures. But sometimes it happens that mobile photos and pictures accidentally get deleted. It could be done either due to a software issue or someone might delete the pictures when in hurry.

So, the question is that is it possible to get data back again on your Android device? The answer to the question is simple and good for such people. Yes, you can easily recover deleted photos and pictures on your Android mobile device.

There are different android photo recovery applications available and most of the applications are free to use. The process to recover the deleted photos is quite simple.

Best Android Photo Recovery App

If you ask us about which is the best photo recovery app for Android devices, then we recommend the Disk Digger Photo Recovery app which is specially designed for the Android mobiles. It is a free application which can be used to get your deleted photos back.

In a few easy steps, you can recover your deleted photos from any android mobile. The application is not heavy and it won’t take much space on your mobile.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

To recover deleted photos from the Android device just install the Disk Digger Photo Recovery application from the play store. After installation lunch the application and scan your device. From settings, you can change the minimum size of the file that your device scan. It is better to set it 1MB so that only high-resolution pictures are scanned and recovered.

You can also select a date range and this photo recovery app will scan only those pictures which were deleted during that date. After you get the scanned pictures, select the pictures that you want to recover by checking the checkboxes.

Once you have selected the scanned pictures, now click on recover button and the app will ask to select the storage space where you want to get the pictures stored after recovery.

It is preferred that you select the local storage and recover deleted photos on mobile storage. When you select the storage, this application will recover the deleted images and store those images again on your Android device.

The best thing about this application is that you don’t need to root your device.

Can I Recover Deleted Videos and Documents?

Yes, you can also recover deleted videos and other documents or even audio files using this free Android photo recovery app. But for that, you need to root your Android device.

Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android No Root – English

Recover Deleted Photos & Images From Android Mobile Free – Urdu

Why Zong 4G Internet is Best Option in Pakistan?

zong 4g internet

When we talk about the cellular internet services in Pakistan, then four names came into mind. There are four different networks are providing cellular services in Pakistan, Zong 4G internet is one of them. The names of these services are provided below:

  • Jazz/Warid
  • Telenor
  • Zong
  • UFone

Jazz and Warid were two different providers, but now they are the same after a contract of a merger between both the companies.

Basically, Jazz and Zong are the two largest networks of Pakistan. Jazz is the number one network of Pakistan based on the largest subscribers. Its subscribers increased dramatically after the merger of Warid with Jazz. So, now if we look on the basis of the number of subscribers, or even for the coverage area, Jazz is the largest cellular network of Pakistan.

But when we talk about the 4G internet provider, then Zong is the largest company in Pakistan. Zong is a part of China Mobile company which is the world’s largest mobile company. In Pakistan, most of the mobile users are using Zong 4G internet for the internet service.

The main purpose of this is the amazing and cheap Zong 4G internet packages. Moreover, they provide a wide range of packages from which you can choose, Daily, Weekly or Monthly 4G internet packages. The rates are very low, while the internet browsing speed, downloading and uploading speed is also very impressive and far better than other cellular companies of Pakistan.

Other than mobile users, Zong 4G internet is also used in different companies as well as home users. They use the wifi router provided by ZONG, mostly of Huawei,  and also use a Zong Data SIM with that router. On the data SIM, Zong providers even much better packages with more volume data limits.

So, this is the main reason that Zong is considered the best 4G internet provider in Pakistan and also a reliable internet service. You can get special offers if you have not activated your ZONG sim for a long time.

If you don’t remember your SIM number of inactive Zong sim, no need to worry. You can easily check Zong SIM number without balance. Just keep an eye on the advertisement on the mainstream media or the official Facebook page of Zong and activate your Zong Sim when they give a new offer for the SIM activation.

After activation, check your Zong sim number and load a little balance and enjoy any new Zong offer for free.

Al-Madina Public School Offering Scholarships to its Students

There are only a few educational institutes in Pakistan which are offering scholarships to its students at their own. The Al-Madina Public School is one of them who is offering very good scholarships to its own students for further studies.

In Pakistan, there are many institutes offering scholarships but those are funded either by the Government of Pakistan or by any other Non-Government Organization (NGO). Most of these scholarships are offered by the universities who are getting a very high fee from other students.

Al-Madina Public School (AMPS) is not a university level or college level institute, it’s a small middle school in District Jhang. School is offering different types of scholarships to the students of different classes like the free education for needy students.

They also offer position or marks based fee concession as a scholarship. And not only this, if the students of Matric class get good mark school will also sponsor the student for further studies in any good college of Pakistan.

These are the details of scholarships offered by the school:


You can check the fee structure as well here:

scholarships AMPS

Increase your Online Magento 2 Store Sales using Gift Cards


There are various strategies to attract more and more customers to increase your sales. Offering discount coupons, a fixed or a percentage amount off while shopping is some of the widely used strategies.

Using gift cards for your customers is another good way to increase your sales by sending the cards to your valuable customers. You can either send these gifts cards from the backend of your Magento 2 store to your returning customers, or you can also offer the customers to buy a gift card from your store to send that to their loved ones as a gift.

Sending a gift card to the customer just like a promo code is quite a simple thing but many people don’t understand what is the purpose of providing an option to purchase gift cards of your online store?

Let me explain this with a simple example. Let’s suppose you want to send a gift to your girlfriend on her birthday, but you don’t have any idea what should you send. You know her birth date and you want to give her a good surprise gift which she likes. In this case, when you have no idea what should be the surprise gift for your girlfriend, you can buy a gift card from any store.

For example, if you wanted to send her a beautiful dress but you don’t know what kind of dress she would like, you can go to a clothing store and buy their gift card for $100 or any other amount which you want to use to buy the dress. Then the store owner will send that gift card to the email address of your girlfriend or you can get the physical card delivered to your girl friend’s home.

Now when your girlfriend has the gift card of $100, she can buy any dress of her own choice from that same store. So in this way, by offering a gift card, the store owner has made a sale which would not be possible if there is no option of the gift card as you don’t have any idea what kind of dress you should send to your girlfriend.

Now, if you have an online store based on Magento 2, you can also use the gift card option using Magento 2 Gift Card extension and you can easily set it up for offering gift cards to your customers and you can increase your sales.

This extension of gift cards for Magento to have also different useful options. Such as your customer will be able to use any custom message text on the gift card and you can either send the gift card virtually to an email address or you can get the gift card printed and then send it physically.

The buyer of the gift card will also have an option to select a design of his/her own choice and can also select a date on which this card should be delivered to his girlfriend.