5 Amazing Facts about Fast and Furious Film Series

The Fast and The Furious film series is very popular among cars and racing lovers. Here I am providing your 5 amazing facts about Fast and Furious film series. It will have 2 fast 2 furious to Furious 7 installment facts. Along with the amazing facts about this series you can also check the Top 10 fastest cars in 2017.

  • In the second version 2 Fast 2 Furious Paul Walker have used his own racing car which he had it in real life for the racing. The first scene and the firs car which Paul walker was driving in the movie was actually his own real racing car. He also picked other cars for the movie himself which were used by him in the movie.

fast and furious amazing facts

  • The Race Wars Event at the end of Fast and the Furious was a real race event in which over 15000 real modified racing cars were used and real drivers were driving those cars to participate in Race Wars Event.

fast and furious amazing facts

  • Tokyo Drift was famous for the drifting. And you will be amazed to know that all the drifting scenes were actually filmed with the help of real and expert drives in drifting. These scenes were not computer graphics or animations as we saw in many other movies. But these were actual drifting scenes, I think never happened in any other movie. The car company Toyota donated 4,000 of its high quality tires to use in the film for better drifting and out of these almost 2000 tires were used for drifting.

fast and furious amazing facts

  • The franchise did not asked the Paul Walker to return for the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift because they believe that Paul Walker is too old now for this movie. But when Vin Diesel turned down this part and said he will not be available for Tokyo Drift then Paul Walker was considered for this film and this film had two complete different scripts. One was for Vin and the second was for Paul Walker and amazingly franchise was not considering Paul Walker in Tokyo Drift but he was still there in Furious 7 and leading the franchise until his tragic death during the production of the movie.

fast and furious amazing facts

  • The cast of the movie never knew what will be the end of Fast Five. This is amazing fact. Michelle Rodriguez revealed in an interview during Fast and Furious 6 that she did’t knew about the twisted end of Fast Five util she watch the movie in theater.

fast and furious amazing facts

Travel to Pakistan, Best must visit places in Pakistan

Pakistan is Asian country and a part of sub-continent. Pakistan is victimized by terrorist as there were so many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts just a few years back and then Pak Army started an operation to clean all the areas of Pakistan specially Northern areas and FATA. As a result of this operation now the situation is very much under control and people can move freely even in those areas which were not safe before. Successfully hosting the PSL Final match in Lahore is also a good example that Pakistan is a safe place now to visit. In 2009 a group of terrorists attacked on Sri Lankan cricket team when they were going to Gaddafi Stadium of Lahore in a bus, since then no international match was held in Pakistan until a couple of years back Zimbabwe cricket team visited Pakistan but that did’t make any impact at that time. Now after the PSL Final match, people and tourists believes that they can visit the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. I have selected  only 3 places which are must visit points if you are planning to visit Pakistan and want to explore its beauty.

  1. Naltar valley

    Naltar is famous for the beautiful and colorful lakes and it is like paradise on earth. This is safe place to visit and situated at the distant of 40 KM from Gilgit and it takes about 2 hours to travel from Gilgit to Naltar valley. Naltar is also famous for the world’s most delicious potatoes which are cultivated here. Naltar is also called Naltar Lake because city is famous because of this lake. Naltar is situated at an altitude of 3050m to 3150m. The valley is covered with the beautiful trees of pine and the most beautiful thing is the green mountains covered with the snow which make this part of the world the most beautiful place on earth. You should visit this place at least once in your life and then you will visit this again and again to watch heaven on the earth.

    naltar valley

    naltar lake

  2. Shangrila resort, Skardu

    Skardu is the main valley of Gilgit Baltistan, the most beautiful and amazing place to watch. It is situated in extreme north of Pakistan and few years back it was not the safe place but now Skardu is full of tourists and local people because of its beautiful Shangrila lake or also called Shangrila resort. People of this valley are well educated but very simple and nice. They will welcome you at their place with love and affection and they make friends with their friendly behavior. You will find a lot of big and small lakes and streams. Shangrila is about 25 minutes away from Skardu by drive and it is famous for the hearth shape lake which looks very beautiful when you see it from a high point and also its fresh blue water is eye catching. If you visit Pakistan, you must visit the Shangrila lake in Skardu.

    shangrila resort

    shangrila lake

  3. Lake Saiful Muluk

    Lake Saiful Muluk is covered with the mountains and situated at about 10,578 feet above the see level and it is considered as the heighest lake in Pakistan. It is located at the end of Kaghan Valley with Naran Valley. It is close to Mansehra district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Lake Saif ul Muluk is famous for the fairy tales and local people believes that on the 14th moon night, fairies lands on the lake to take a bath with fresh water. And they also tell the story of Prince of Persia named Shehzada Saiful Muluk who came here and fell in love with a fairy princes whose name was Shehzadi Badri Jamala who was the most beautiful fairy on this planet. This lake is covered with snow for large part of the year and only for few months people can visit this place, there is also a myth about this lake (in stories of local people) that depth of lake saiful muluk is unknown and no one is able to find the depth of this lake. Some believes that depth of the lake is about 1 kilo meters, while many other believe that it is actually 1.7 kilo meters deep. Obviously this can’t be true as a recent survey shows that this lake is about 50 meter. Anyhow, this is also very beautiful place you can visit if you are planning a tour for Pakistan.


lake saiful muluk

lake saif ul malook

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Colors and Price

This month is full of leaks and rumors everyday about the expected features and colors of upcoming flagship of Samsung. People are crazy about the next big thing of Samsung and waiting for the final release from mobile tech Korean company. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus were announced few months ago since then then internet is flooded with the rumors including fake and some credible sources. Few days back there were some leaks about the Coral Blue color of Samsung Galaxy S8, but we took it as fake news as it was showing colored front bezel which was different from other available colors having black bezel (although other colors are also rumors but have some points to believe that those will be official colors of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus).

This time a trusted leakster showed the pictures with black front bezels and upon a closer look, we can find that the borders of the mobile are blue color. This blue color is exactly same of the Galaxy S7 which was introduced in Coral Blue color. We first saw this color in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was a flop from tech giant. But it is very likely that Samsung is providing the Same Galaxy Note 7 in a new shape of Galaxy S8 and it will also provide the same Coral Blue color as well.

samsung galaxy s8 coral blue color

But remember these are still the rumors and leaks. We are not sure about this, so don’t take our words to be final. For the official colors of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus you have to wait till Wednesday 29th of this month when Samsung will officially launch its new flagship models globally.

Samsung is the top mobile brand all around the world. Asian market have big shares for Samsung and Asian mobile lovers are also waiting for the launch of these two models anxiously specially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is also expected that Galaxy S8 will be little more costly and will have high price than what we expected to be in India and Pakistan. It could be 60-70 dollars extra than the price of previous Galaxy models on launch.

But we can’t say anything confirm about the prices and the color. We will update you about the Galaxy S8 Price in Pakistan and India once it is available for the said market after its official launch on 29th March.

galaxy s8 price in pakistan

galaxy s8 different colors

How to save pictures from Instagram without using 3rd party apps

save pictures from instagram

Many people often found it difficult to save pictures from Instagram as there is no option to save pictures when you click on a specific picture. If you want to save the page then it will download a lot of pictures which you even don’t want to save on your mobile device or on your hard drive. The only way you can save the picture of your own choice on your computer is by inspecting the source code of that particular page. There are different steps involved, you can follow these steps to save pictures you like from Instagram pages.

Here is the video tutorial, you can watch this tutorial and then you will be able to save pictures and videos from Instagram.

You can also watch the same video in Urdu language to learn how to save pictures from Instagram.