How to check if Samsung Touch Glass is working fine?

Many users love to buy the used mobile sets because they get great features in low price. But according to some surveys, there is only 40 to 45 percent users are satisfied with the used mobile sets while others get faulty sets and the biggest problem they face is the touch of mobile is not working properly. Rest of the things every user checks, like they insert the sim into SIM card/s and they also check the memory card slot. They can check speakers and mic by connecting a call and they can also check the camera. But they don’t realize that touch of the mobile might be faulty as there are may sets having a touch glass which is faulty at some specific point. Like it is working fine while you are going from one screen to another screen, but when you need to drop the shutter menu it won’t work, or sometimes┬áback button or menu button on touch is not working which users don’t check.

If you are going to buy a Samsung mobile from the market and it is secondhand set, then you must check its touch glass is woking from all areas or not? The best way to check this is using a secret Samsung code used for general test mode. In general test mode, you have a penalty of options to check different functions of your Samsung mobile. Like you can check colors, receiver, camera, sensors and touch as well. These option are visible in the image below and you can also check the Youtube video and learn how you can check your Samsung’s mobile touch glass working.

android samsung general mode test


Samsung has increased the production of Galaxy S8 plus due to high demands

From the initial assessments, market trends and feedback from retailers it seems that Galaxy S8 plus has more demand as compared to its smaller version of Galaxy S8. Some officials also revealed that Galaxy S8+ will proved to be the replacement of Galaxy Note 7 which was a failure from Samsung due to its heating and burning issue. Samsung lovers are taking S8 plus as the replacement of Note 7 that is why Samsung has decided to increase the production level of Galaxy S8 plus because Galaxy S8 plus sees more demand as expected by the initial reports of Samsung.

galaxy s8 plus production increased

According to some authority reports, Samsung planning to produce the 20 million total units of S8 and S8+ for the first launch later this month and out of these 20 million 40% units were planned for S8+ while the remaining 60% units were for the smaller version Galaxy S8. But after watching the market trends and popularity of the bigger version Galaxy S8 plus Samsung has decided to change this ratio. Now Samsung will produce 45% units of the bigger size Galaxy S8 plus.

Many technology and mobile geeks predicted this before the announcement of the big thing from Samsung because they believe that S8 plus will serve as the Galaxy Note 7 for note lovers and they will go for the S8 Plus rather than simple S8, and they also knew the fact that last year Samsung started producing only 30% units of S7 Edge and at the end of year Samsung was producing about 70% units of Galaxy S7 Edge.