Is it possible to recover data even after deleting from Recycle Bin


Many people asks me this question that is it possible for them to recover data from their mobile device or from their laptop’s hard drive? The answer is very simple, Yes, it is possible to recover the data once you have deleted the data even from your recycle bin (in case of using laptop). This data recovery facility from mobile devices or from hard drive can be very useful for some people while it could be dangerous as well for other people.

For example if you are using your computer and have your personal important data, family pictures and videos on it. Due to some mistake or some kid accidentally deletes your data permanently from your hard drive or mobile, then definitely you want to get your data back as you can’t afford to lose your data in this case.

But in other cases, when you have some important data on your hard drive and you want to sell your hard disk to buy a new one with greater storage capacity. You will transfer your data from old hard disk to new hard disk and then dispose off or sell the old one in market, or in case of cell phone, you want to exchange a mobile with your friend, you will delete your data from mobile after transferring it to new mobile and then you hand over the mobile to your friend.

In both of these cases, it might be dangerous for you that data recovery is possible. Because your friend or the new user who will use your old hard disk or mobile can recover your important data, your credentials, your family pictures and videos which you don’t want to show to any other people. So we can say that data recovery facility is useful and harmful for different people.

Why it is possible to recover deleted data

If you are wondering that how is it possible to recover deleted data from recycle bin then here I will tell you some basic things about how data stored on a disk and what happens when you remove or delete your data. Actually, every file and folder on your hard drive have a unique address on your hard disk like in sectors. We can call this address a ‘pointer’ which tells the operating system where your data is.

When you delete the data windows delete that pointer it means it lost the address of your file or folder, but your file or folder still exist at the same address. For the operating system, that address is empty and new data can be written on it because it has lost the pointer (or address) of that file.

When the only pointer is deleted not the data so it means you can recover it by using special tools or by hiring some data recovery professional who can recover those delete addresses and reconnect your operating system with your data that still exists on its place. In this way, it is possible to recover deleted data from hard disk and mobile phones.

The whole process is different for solid state device (SSD). What happens with SSD and if you want to know more details about the data recovery you can read this comprehensive article.

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How to Recover Deleted data

Though you can recover your data yourself by using any free data recovery option it is advised that you should use some corporate data recovery service to be on the safe side. You are trying to recover your data just because it is important and in case of free tools, you data might be lost permanently or you can damage your hard drive which will erase the remaining data as well and you will be in big trouble. So it is recommended to use hire a professional data recovery assistant instead of getting risks for your important data by using low-quality free data recovery tools.

3 Ways SEO & Content Work Better Together

seo with content

The way SEO and content marketing relate can always feel a little complex, particularly in the way they integrate. Are they getting along? Are they at loggerheads with each other? If that is the case, can you ever make them function as a whole?

“If you are seeking to build your qualified search traffic, you cannot do it with only one; you should combine your search engine optimization efforts with content that is engaging”, says Michael Joseph, an expert at A+ Digital for SEO Services.

However, what is the best strategy to do this?

The most effective strategy for a brand or marketer searching for ways to leverage search engine optimization and content marketing is to analyze the ways in which they interconnect. Here are a few tips to do that:

1 . Direct result of engaging content brings about a diverse backlink portfolio

Google makes use of links to measure a website’s trust, relevance, and authority. So your rankings will be boosted by generating a large quantity of linkable content.

Do you know what the key to linkable content is? A study of over 300 content marketing campaigns by Fractl and Moz showed there are 4 important elements to content that are highly shareable:

  • A pop culture element
  • Broad appeal
  • Highly emotional
  • Comparison

2 . Quality and quantity

Your content team would like more content that is quality, however, the SEO team may be more paying more attention to the quantity of output. The more content generated by your team, the higher the chance your company is going to be appearing in search results for a variety of search terms being targeted by the team. Businesses that blog often have 97% more inbound links.

Often times though, there is a limit to the quantity of content you can generate before something produces. If you concentrate a lot on quantity, the quality of your content is going to drop as your teams find it difficult to generate more and more.

The secret here is getting a sustainable strategy to balance content and search engine optimization. Producing top-quality content at a steady and measurable speed will bring about more engagement, more site visitors and more backlinks.

3 . You can generate content ideas with the help of keywords

You will not find such thing as search engine optimization without keywords. The smartest content marketers know that the best content will help you rank for the terms which are most associated with what your clients are already looking for. That is why each useful content approach begins with researching keywords.

“You can start an extensive session of keyword research with some easy brainstorming. Think of the primary objectives of your website and write down some keywords. Next, widen this list by using keyword tools” says Andrea Lehr, Brand Relationship Strategist at Fractl .

Here are 2 ways you can find keywords beyond those you presently rank for:

  • Google autocomplete and related searches: It is good to step inside the mind of what your clients are looking for rather than through Google. For instance, if you wanted to start dedicated to pizzas. “The best pizza” is a search that your target market is already probably using; however, when you search on Google, you will find a list of prospective long-tail keywords.
  • Paid tools such as SEMrush: You can also use SEMrush to see how competitive the potential keywords are. In the main dashboard of the platform, there is an area that provides related keywords, which is an excellent resource to identify terms that your website may not already rank for.

As soon as you have got a set list of keywords, think of the way you use them efficiently beyond title tags and Meta descriptions.

Below are some other ways you can make use of your keyword research:

  • Dynamic and static assets: Keywords may be a starting off point to more innovative projects. With regards to “best pizza toppings,” you might build an engaging asset that allows users create their own pizzas.
  • Blog posts: You can generate new blog topics with the help of your list of keywords. Referring to the example of pizza, you can come up with a blog post of where you sample several pizzas from fast food chains.
  • Social networking: You can get new opportunities for social promotion with the help of keyword research, particularly through new hashtag ideas.


Get Your T1 BT – OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota


Sometimes it is very difficult to diagnose the problem in a vehicle without disassembling the engine of vehicle, but with this approach the big problem is that once engine of a motor vehicle is opened, its market value reduces significantly and now if you want sell your vehicle you will not get the good price for it. The solution to this problem is to use OBD system to diagnose the problems. OBD stands for On-board diagnostics which is a special term used in automotive industry and it refers to diagnose the problems in vehicles.

The old versions of OBD systems just indicates the problem by  illuminating a light when problem is detected, but those systems don’t provide any information about the problem. The new and improved OBD systems can detect the problem and give you a signal and they are also capable enough to provide the special codes that have special meaning and exact problem can be detected based on the codes provided by OBD system.

During mid 90’s, most of the vehicle manufacturers install special systems in the motor engines that can be used to interact using other software and OBDII Scan toools which give access to owner or the repair technician to various subsystems of the vehicle and these subsystems indicates the problem with correct code so that technician can understand and diagnose the exact problem in the engine and after that they can repair it in minimum time.

If you are owner of a vehicle and you are also interested in diagnosing the problem with precision then you can buy a OBDII scan tool Tachyon T1 BT which is a Bluetooth scan tool and it is specially designed for vehicles of Toyota. This tool is compatible with both Toyota’s Japanese model as well as export models and the best thing about this tool is that you can use that using your Smartphone by installing a compatible android application developed for Tachyon T1 BT scanner tool. It has a fast and reliable link of OBDII Bluetooth 3.0 and you can also obtain your trip data by using its special MyTripData logging facility.

You can get this scanner only in 37.97 US dollars and this device is equipped with many other useful features. You can buy the device and need more information on the features of this device from the official site

Why you should Use KODI for Watching TV Shows and Movies

kodi video

Kodi is an open source widely used media player which is available in 75+ different international languages. Using Kodi player users can watch and play different types of media files like videos, music, podcasts; they can watch this media from internet connectivity or they can also use a local storage media to play the video and audio files. Kodi is developed by XBMC/Kodi foundation, a non profit technology organization. The initial version of this software was first introduced in 2002 with the name of XBox Media Player and then in 2003 next version was introduced as Xbox Media center.

Recently just few months ago in February 2017, its stable version was introduced with the name of Krypton 17.1 and its code is written in C++ core language along with the support of other scripts as well.

Kodi is supported by different operating systems like for desktop computers and laptops, Windows Vista and later versions supports Kodi player, macOS along with iOS for mobiles and tvOS for Apple TV OS also have good support for KODI. Android operating system, Linux and some other OS also supports KODI and you can stream different media on these operating systems with a very good speed and resolution.

Since KODI is open source software so it has many plugins and addons developed by different developers which provides the user additional features of their own choice. Using these plugins and addons people can customers the features and options of KODI to suite their own needs and if you don’t need a feature, you can uninstall its plugin or addons as well.

Like one can add a feature to add the support of weather forecast of their own area or using different scripts you can stream YouTube, Hulu and Netflix videos very easily on this. There are also different themes and visualizations for this software and in technical term, it is called Kodi Builds instead of themes. You can download different builds for Kodi of your own choice from internet and can enjoy the cool interface to watch movies and other TV shows. Screen capturing also possible in this software

Overall its a very good software because of its open source plugins, addons and builds. I recommend you to try KODI once which you can install from Official Kodi website for free.

How to Avoid Router Rental Charges To Minimize Monthly Bill

avoid router rental charges

In this age of technology you can’t live without the use of internet. Whether you are a student or a businessman, you need internet for your assignments and market trends searching. When you apply for internet service you get the required hardware and support with in few days by the Internet providing companies and they offers you very quick services. But the bad thing is they don’t give you awareness about the charges of the service they provide. Specially the hidden charges which eats up your monthly budget. Router rental charges plays the vital role in this and no internet providing company inform you clearly about these charges. They will inform you about the monthly charges for different packages but how much money they are getting from your pocket on the name of router rent is unknown.

To avoid this router rental charges, the best way is to buy your own router from the market which you can easily in the range of 20$ to 60$ price depending on the features and the quality of the router. Once you buy the router you can configure your router easily with accessing the router’s admin panel using 192.168.l.l ip in your web browser. You just need to ask your username and password from the internet service provider and after that you can use that information to configure your newly purchased router.

You can check your monthly bills in detail to find how much money you are paying on the name of monthly router rental charges. In start you have to spend a large amount as compared to the monthly rental charges of your ISP company but you will notice that just after 5 to 6 months you will start saving a good amount which you have to pay to your internet service provider.

These rental charges have to be paid as long as you are using the router of the internet service provider. Whether you use their service for few months or you use it for 5 years, you have to pay the monthly router rental charges. The price of the new router will be covered in 5 to 6 months and after that you are saving money. So when you apply for the new internet connection, tell your company that you don’t need their router as you have your own router. And also ask them don’t put any charges on the name of router rental charges on monthly bill as you are not interested in getting a router from them.

If you already using their router, and bought your own router now, then return the old router to the company with complete accessories and get a receipt for that and also make it sure that they have made the necessary changes in their record. When you return their router, you will not receive any extra charges other then your package price in the bill. So this the best way to save money and avoid monthly router rental charges.

Why you should get full brokerage services

full brokerage services

When a person enters into the financial markets their main purpose and main objective is to make money and they want to multiply their small investment with big numbers. This is what companies offer in their full brokerage services. These brokers tries their best to generate profit for both parties i.e their customers and for their company as well to make a longer relationship with their clients.

In full brokerage services, the agents take the money from investors and utilize that money to generate profit and to expand the profile of the customer, they work hard to make their company and the client rich with their experience and in response they get high commissions as well. Agents of a broker company takes funds from the customers and then they take their own decisions in buying or selling the shares in stock market to multiply the money without asking from the customer.

Full service brokers are very well aware that if they don’t make profit for their customers then they will get negative feedback and their business will go down rapidly in case of few negative feedback. That is why they try their best to use their knowledge and expertise in the stock market trading to make some money for their customer. If they succeed in making profit for the customer they will get the money as well in terms of commission which is pre decided. And they also get new customers from referrals and positive feedback.

If you are hiring a fuller brokerage service then best way to get maximum benefit from them, you should convince them that you are serious to do business with them and that you also have great knowledge about stock business. It is good practice to arrange the meeting with your broker at least once in a week. Also keep asking them in each business meeting about the progress of your shares and how they are working to provide you great results as compared to other full brokerage services.

It is a fact that a full brokerage service will charge you higher rates in terms of commission but they will also make money for you with their experience because their commission is directly related to your profit.

To become a successful Blogger avoid Plagiarism

blogger plagiarism

There is no doubt that blogging is a good way to earn some good money online and working during your free time. But it is not simple to earn from blogging as many bloggers complaints that they are not getting enough traffic on their blogs and if some bloggers are getting good traffic, their earning through Google Adsense is not good. Whereas you can find many bloggers who earn very good amount from blogging and they are very well satisfied with their full time or part time blogging routine. The main reason behind many unsuccessful bloggers is that they don’t follow the proper way of blogging and they failed to realized that only updating your content is not enough. Quality, unique and appealing content is a key to success for bloggers.

More than 70% bloggers update their blogs on daily basis but they select random news from NEWS websites and publish it on their blog by using a spinner to spin the content in order to make it unique. But they failed to realize that no spinner can provide you quality content, it can only provide you meaningless content which real readers would never like to read and when you have spun content on your blog readers will start leaving your blog and they don’t get back to you because of low quality content. This will improve the bounce rate which is very bad for organic Google rankings.

About 10% to 15% bloggers are those who don’t even bother to spin the content they copy paste the articles and NEWS stories from different sites and update that on their blog. This is not only illegal but also unethical because using the content of other people without their permission is obviously not good. And Google also don’t like this. Even if you write your own content you should be very careful about this that your content is not matching with some other website’s content otherwise it will be caught as plagiarism or copied content and Google can penalize your website if you do so. You should use a plagiarism detector that can check your content if there is any copied portion on internet already available.

You can find a good plagiarism software on internet which can tell you if your content is copied or not. Like PrePostSEO provides you free plagiarism checker where you can paste your article or you can upload your .doc file and it will give you result of copied material. It will provide you good detail and also inform you how much content is copied in percentage. It will also show you the sources from where you content is copied or matching with. So I would suggest all the bloggers to use best free plagiarism checker from PrePostSEO.

Become a Freelancer or Get you Job as a Web Developer in UK


Right from the start of 21st century there was very fast advancements and progress in information technology industry. With improved laptops and computers and high speed internet access people started their online businesses in different areas. From 2008-09 there were very fast improvements in Smartphone development which allows people to use internet on the go. With time as smartphone becomes affordable for middle class people, online business trends becomes more popular because people can buy products without going into the market and can receive the products at their doorstep.

With this increasing trend, need of developers also increases and many students and fresh graduates selected web development as their career. There are various aspects in web development career which should be analyzed before you select a platform. For example whether you are going towards custom development or you want to become an expert of different content management systems like you can create website using WordPress or other CMS. Also which programming language your are going to select as your primary language so that you can use that in other projects as well.

As a web developer you have two options to start your career. You can become self employed which means you can start your career as a freelancer on different freelancing sites liek UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more. If you have expertise in web development you can get small projects from these websites and once you have good feedback on your profile you will be called for interviews for bigger projects and you can setup your own small working team to complete your projects.

On Fiverr you can offer small fixes related to web development in very less price. You can also create Gigs for offering big shopping carts and other eCommerce websites. Apart from freelancing you can also join a software house or web development company to work with. You can find out many jobs which are mostly from private firms seeking for experienced web developers. Searching for web developer jobs UK, Australia, USA or with other countries can provide you a lot of job opportunities where you can apply online or you can drop your CV at their office. Working with a team on a web development project could be a good experience as you can learn many new things, new ways to explore different things and new logic to solve the problems in different and better way to improve the overall performance of the website.

Whether you love to do coding using core language or you want to use a CMS for quick website development, you can start your career as a web developer freelancer or you can find a secure job in a good company around your area.

The Recall Abduction App is a big innovation in the world of Virtual Reality

The Recall VR Abduction Trailer

With the release of The Recall VR Abduction App on 23 June 2017, Wesley Snipes has undoubtedly expanded the boundaries of the Virtual Reality Technology magnificently. Before this initial advent of this action hero of Hollywood in the world of Virtual Reality, no one could imagine the powers of this technology to encompass such heights, even the mad lovers of the VR world.

With time, the modes of entertainment provision have transformed largely at a fast pace. It wasn’t much long before when the play station games, Lego, and remote control products were a vital part of the entertainment technology. It has soon been replaced by the virtual reality panoramic formats of games, Apps and movies, Hover boards, and the fidget spinners.

You can find the virtual reality headsets of varying quality and price range in the market. Even the commercial world of entertainment is making big contributions to this technology by making special grand seats where one can view the wide scale panoramic forms of short clips and get deeply indulged in the live world of these short adventurous featured films of fifteen minutes to half hour or so. So now it’s not just the categorization of 3D, 4D and even 6D; it is the entire enormous world of VR, which you can make at your home with the cinema kind of sound system along.

Wesley Snipes perceived this at far and his co-team of the actual accompanied theatrical movie, The Recall, happily became the part of the crew family. Mauro Borrelli, the Blockbuster giving director of Hollywood is the director of The Recall and its VR Abduction App. Minds Eye Entertainment and Bridgegate Pictures are the production companies of this App. Among the actors is the lead action character of Brendan, who is actually RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad; and the characters of:

  • Charlie played by Jedidiah Goodacre
  • Niko Pepaj as Rob
  • Laura Maria as Annie
  • And Hannah May as Kara

These play the strong role in The Recall and its VR Abduction short clip of thirteen minutes that was shot without a break, in which this great team fights the invader aliens of the British Columbia. The experience of the ability of the flying heroic characters in this VR app is terrifically mesmerizing. The digital crisp experience of viewing The Recall VR Abduction app on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear fully captivates the user’s mind and heart, and he/she feels being victorious in real to destroy the bad Aliens.

This VR App of Wesley Snipes can be viewed in multiple formats that have made this VR experience a highly exhilarating one. The App also comprises of the trailer, camera stills and exciting behind-the scenes videos in the 2D format for the loving fans of Wesley Snipes.