Why you should Use KODI for Watching TV Shows and Movies

kodi video

Kodi is an open source widely used media player which is available in 75+ different international languages. Using Kodi player users can watch and play different types of media files like videos, music, podcasts; they can watch this media from internet connectivity or they can also use a local storage media to play the video and audio files. Kodi is developed by XBMC/Kodi foundation, a non profit technology organization. The initial version of this software was first introduced in 2002 with the name of XBox Media Player and then in 2003 next version was introduced as Xbox Media center.

Recently just few months ago in February 2017, its stable version was introduced with the name of Krypton 17.1 and its code is written in C++ core language along with the support of other scripts as well.

Kodi is supported by different operating systems like for desktop computers and laptops, Windows Vista and later versions supports Kodi player, macOS along with iOS for mobiles and tvOS for Apple TV OS also have good support for KODI. Android operating system, Linux and some other OS also supports KODI and you can stream different media on these operating systems with a very good speed and resolution.

Since KODI is open source software so it has many plugins and addons developed by different developers which provides the user additional features of their own choice. Using these plugins and addons people can customers the features and options of KODI to suite their own needs and if you don’t need a feature, you can uninstall its plugin or addons as well.

Like one can add a feature to add the support of weather forecast of their own area or using different scripts you can stream YouTube, Hulu and Netflix videos very easily on this. There are also different themes and visualizations for this software and in technical term, it is called Kodi Builds instead of themes. You can download different builds for Kodi of your own choice from internet and can enjoy the cool interface to watch movies and other TV shows. Screen capturing also possible in this software

Overall its a very good software because of its open source plugins, addons and builds. I recommend you to try KODI once which you can install from Official Kodi website for free.