Get Your T1 BT – OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota


Sometimes it is very difficult to diagnose the problem in a vehicle without disassembling the engine of vehicle, but with this approach the big problem is that once engine of a motor vehicle is opened, its market value reduces significantly and now if you want sell your vehicle you will not get the good price for it. The solution to this problem is to use OBD system to diagnose the problems. OBD stands for On-board diagnostics which is a special term used in automotive industry and it refers to diagnose the problems in vehicles.

The old versions of OBD systems just indicates the problem by  illuminating a light when problem is detected, but those systems don’t provide any information about the problem. The new and improved OBD systems can detect the problem and give you a signal and they are also capable enough to provide the special codes that have special meaning and exact problem can be detected based on the codes provided by OBD system.

During mid 90’s, most of the vehicle manufacturers install special systems in the motor engines that can be used to interact using other software and OBDII Scan toools which give access to owner or the repair technician to various subsystems of the vehicle and these subsystems indicates the problem with correct code so that technician can understand and diagnose the exact problem in the engine and after that they can repair it in minimum time.

If you are owner of a vehicle and you are also interested in diagnosing the problem with precision then you can buy a OBDII scan tool Tachyon T1 BT which is a Bluetooth scan tool and it is specially designed for vehicles of Toyota. This tool is compatible with both Toyota’s Japanese model as well as export models and the best thing about this tool is that you can use that using your Smartphone by installing a compatible android application developed for Tachyon T1 BT scanner tool. It has a fast and reliable link of OBDII Bluetooth 3.0 and you can also obtain your trip data by using its special MyTripData logging facility.

You can get this scanner only in 37.97 US dollars and this device is equipped with many other useful features. You can buy the device and need more information on the features of this device from the official site