How to Shoot 360 Degree Video and Watch On VR Headset

360 degree vr videos

360 Degree videos is a fun to watch different documentaries and movies, though it is a new technology but it is already released for the public. You can use YouTube and Facebook to watch 360 degree videos by using a supported device like VR head set. You can also create your own 360 degree VR videos and can upload it on YouTube or other supported websites. There are only few websites and cameras which are able to shoot and host 360 degree videos. YouTube is compatible with Kodak SP360, Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, and Giroptic 360cam cameras. To buy these you need to invest around 300 to 400 USD according to the availability of that camera.

Instead of buying these cameras you can also create your own rig by using a series of GoPro cameras, though this is expensive solution but this is reliable as cameras are tested and gives you best results. While recording these 360 degree videos you must use the same type and model of cameras with same settings, same quality. And also keep this in mind that while shooting this video, every angle, every part of the room or where you are shooting will be recorded even the person who is controlling the recording will also be there so take these things in account while shooting. Also try to keep the light same for every angle so that same quality video can be recorded without any problem.

After recording the video, Kolor Autopano Video is a software that can be used to combine all the footages to generate a 360 degree video and it is also compatible with YouTube as well. You can learn how to use this software by YouTube videos easily.

After recording and editing of 360 degree video, uploading it on YouTube is not as simple as any other video. You can’t just click on upload select the file and wait for the upload process to complete. To upload a 360 degree video on YouTube you need to first create a new file from your video using a metadata application provided by YouTube and click on inject and save by selecting your 360 degree video. After new file is saved on your computer, upload it on YouTube, it will take comparatively longer time as compared to a normal video uploading time.

Now your video is ready on YouTube to watch, you can use mouse or keyboard keys W, A, S, D to control the video.

Things To Consider Before Buying Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen


Due to unemployment youth of developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some other taking more interest in freelancing, where they get the online jobs from abroad and developed countries and they earn a good amount as compared to a income from a permanent job in these countries. And then these freelancers also create their own blogs for showcasing their work or to earn through Google adsense. Video logging is advanced form of simple blogging and in Vlogging freelancers creates their own unique videos with unique ideas. They can create prank videos, hidden camera videos or they can also record videos for some technical tutorials so that other people can solve their problems by watching these informative videos.

When people start creating videos for vlogging, they require a good and professional camera which can be used in vlogging so that good and clear videos are available for the vlog. But before a freelancer starts vlogging he/she must have a good vlogging camera with flip screen. Flip screen refers to a phenomena in gaming while player exists from one screen to another screen and on changing of this screen the display flips and that is why it is called flip screen.

There are various factors involved in selecting a good vlogging camera with flip screen which a vlogger needs to consider before buying a camera. The first thing you should consider as a vlogger is the image/video quality of your camera. You should go for a camera which can record videos in 1080p or full HD quality video so that you can make a clear video and the point you want to focus can be scene clearly. If you have budget problem then you should go for a camera that can record at least 720 pixle video.

Sound recording should also be exceptionally good so that in a video tutorial your voice can be heard clearly by the viewers. Some cameras also have an external jack for mic, if you find such camera then it is good so that you can attach a professional microphone to record the audio in good quality and minimum noise. Lens of the camera should also be good as in most of the video recording in creating tutorials, you need to make the video with a short range and if your camera lens can not focus the close objects then it can not be used for vlogging video recording. So make it sure that camera lens is good enough to record close objects so that your video is not out of focus.

Last but not the least, weight of the camera also very important because you have to carry the camera in your hand and in long videos if the camera is heavy then you can’t make stable videos and video will be shaky because of the weight of your vlog camera. So, before you buy a vlogging camera with flip screen, you should consider all these things because these are the most important things you should consider before you select a camera.

Why Slow Website Affects Business & How CDN Helps to Speedup the website


A good looking and responsive website is the basic need of time because people don’t like to wait for the content to load on any website. They want quick and fast performing websites so that they can save their precious time because it is a known fact that time is money. If a website taking much time in loading the content visitor will not stay on that site and will close the web page to search for an alternative to that service.

How Slow Speed Can Effect the Sales

This is confirmed by a survey report that if your website is taking 1 second delay time as compared to the competitors than your website will face a decrease in its page views up to 11% where as customer will start losing trust on that website and because of this reason customer satisfaction stats will decrease up to 16%. The same survey report also said that due to lest customer trust and lesser page views overall sales from that website will also decrease up to 7% which can affect the business badly.

How Slow Speed Can Effect Google Rankings

Another factor which is important for any website’s performance is its ranking in Google search engine. According to another study 51% of total internet traffic comes from organic searches so if you are not visible in Google searches then you are losing 51% of your potential traffic and hence the customers as well. Due to these reasons Google announced in 2010 that it will consider the page speed of a website as well while ranking the site on its list. Less page views will increase the bounce rate which is an important factor of On-Site SEO and Google consider on-site SEO for organic rankings and Google stated in 2010 that 1% search results were penalized due to slow speed factor. So it is very important to improve the speed and performance of the website to increase the sales, page views and Google rankings as well.

There are different methods to improve the page load speed for a slow website like working with CSS and java scripting or buying an expensive dedicated server. It can also be done easily by using a CDN server Cloud Flare and CDN HighWinds are famous services in this content.

What is CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and it’s a system to deliver the content of a website which can be the web pages, scripts or other content to the end user from their nearest server. Basically the website’s data is stored on the main hosting server but a CDN keeps the cached pages of the website on its distributed servers which are available in different geographical areas and when a user requests a webpage from a specific location, CDN don’t send the request to main hosting for that webpage but actually it delivers the cached page which is stored on the CDN server which is near to that distributed server.

How CDN Works

As described in the definition a CDN service provides have their serves in different areas of the world and it minimize the distance between the end user and the point where web page is to deliver to the user. On different geographical areas (also known as points of presence PoPs), CDN stores the cached version of the website and each Point of presence consists of different caching servers which are responsible to deliver the requested pages from its cache to the visitor.

So actually it decreased the distance between the end user and the source from where pages will be accessed and in this way it increases the speed of a slow website. For example if a visitor in India wanted to access a webpage on your website which is hosted on a USA server it might take the server 7 to 10 seconds to deliver the page from the Host in USA but if your website is on a CDN then that page might be delivered from a cache server in Singapore, China or even from India which reduces the time of delivery from 7 seconds to 2 or 3 seconds. In this way a CDN can almost double the speed of your website and hence it will also improve your sales and rankings in Google as well.

What is HighWinds CDN

Highwinds CDN is just a content delivery network provided by the company Highwinds who claimed that their CDN is lightening fast and provides real time content delivery network with better reporting, good professional support and engineers who are available to help the customers 24/7. If you are familiar with how to use a CDN then you must try CDN highwinds for once to improve the website’s speed and other matrices.