How TriboTEX Increases Engine Life and Performance

Every car owner wants to maintain the engine and that is why they use engine oil so that it can add lubrication between the solid parts of engine. This lubrication produced by the engine oil reduces the friction between engine components up to 10 times and also it prevents extra heating which is produced by the working engine. If engine oil is old or of bad quality than it can not protects engine from damage.

Car owner also wants to increase the fuel efficiency to save money but engine oil don’t provides this magical facility. TribTEX is the new technology which have only 20 ml fluid and it is used to add extra lubrication for engine components and it also helps to increase the performance of engine.


TriboTEX is an american made product by a private organization who is getting government’s support to continue their research on the product to make it more useful and to bring it in the market in affordable price. This fluid get mixed with the engine oil when you inject it into oil of warmed up engine. After injecting, it needs 15 minutes to properly mix with the oil and then it creates extra diamond like coating on engine parts, improve the lubrication and also it reverse the wear.

With this nano particle technology, TriboTEX creates a protective layer on the worn parts of the cylinder and in this way, damage parts of engines repairs itself by this protective film and it increases the life of engine. Due to increased lubrication, frictions decreases very much and it also through out the heat produced by the rubbing between different parts of engine. It also prevents the depositing of carbon particles which decreases the life of engine. It also decrease the fuel consumption by the engine by increasing the efficiency of fuel up to 6 to 8% easily which saves a lot of money in long term.

Noise of the engine also reduced by the use of TriboTEX dramatically and if you have your car in your garage and starts the engine, your neighbors won’t even listen the noise of your engine. Power of the engine also increased up to 3% which enables your car to drive on difficult roads. You can learn more about this magical fluid TriboTEX on Indiegogo.