Photo Booth Hire For Events and Weddings in London

photo booth hire london

So you’re getting married and you have the wonderfully stressful task of planning your big day which needs to be perfect! Not only does the day need to run smoothly, but your guests need to be catered for in every way and without the risk of getting bored.

Photo Booths has become increasingly popular among wedding events with informal shots of outlandish poses and props. When will you next capture the moment your grandparents playing air guitar with Viking hats on? Hire Photobooths provides entertainment for all guests whilst also delivering the Bride & Groom unique memories which last a life time.

Here are 5 of many reasons to hire a photo booth:

1). Guest Book

At Hire Photobooths you can be rest assured that you’ll be always given a Guest Album of all the pictures taken in the Photo booth. A copy is given to the guests and an extra is printed for the Guest Album along with an option to write a message. Our feedback shows this is one of the most valued part of our services as the Bride & Groom love to have tangible memories of their most precious night and put a face to their personalised messages.

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2). Video Messages

Another new popular aspect of our photo booths are the video messages. Long gone are the days of asking someone to go round with a video camera to capture personalised video messages for the newlywed couple. Most new Photo Booths will have a video function where guests have the option to record a video message as well as take photos. These are then saved to a memory stick and given to the couple on the day – no more waiting for a year for the videographers to provide a final copy!

3). They Are Just Great Fun

No matter how old you are, it is clear that the Photo Booth experience is fun for everyone; and even for the most camera shy. We haven’t been to an event where there hasn’t been laughter or smiles from anyone in the Booth. It is a group activity and usually keeps guests occupied when there is time to fill during the event. Even better, the booth can be used for unlimited times during the hire period meaning guests can keep coming back for more pictures – and they do!

4). The Wedding Photographer Can’t Capture Everyone

No matter how much you pay the photographer or how much the photographer tries, they will not be able to take photos of every guest. Traditionally, photographers focus on the Bride & Groom but having a Photo Booth helps capture everyone attending your wedding.

5). Affordability

With all the costs of a Wedding, the benefit of having a Photo Booth is that you will entertain everyone at your Wedding at an affordable cost. Most Photo Booths cost between £300 – £500 and if you hire midweek as low as £250!

Photo Booths are a must have for any Wedding adding more fun on your special day!