Use of Bitcoin Lightning Network in setting up a Poker Game


As we know that Chips are used on a large scale to play poker and other such games and by bitcoin was also changed into chips and they have created a new project under Komodo ecosystem. The only coin in this ecosystem would be the CHIPS and it will use Segwit and Lightning Network (LN) technology of bitcoin which is best for the micro-payment channels and they are also looking for the people who can actively participate in the development and testing of this project.

There are many games in which CHIPS can be used and specifically for this project they are also looking a way to implement the chips for which they believe that Lightning Network is the best solution because it uses latest bitcoin.

As we all know that these types of games have a very short lifetime and the market price of chips don’t change very often so people like to buy the chips for these games and through BarterDEX they can redeem them later on.

For table bets they are using a unique method because there are some problem with lightning technology (LN) as multisig won’t be available for some time. According to this approach, for managing chips there will be a separate dealer on each table and each member will have their own chips who joins the table but they would be responsible to show the payment channel to their specific dealer for that table.

Lightning network payments would be made to the dealer at the end each hand and at the end of the game dealer will payout the amount to the winning player.

In this method, reputation of the dealer also very important as players needs to trust the the dealer based on his reputation before they are going to bet which means there is some risk involved in this Decentralized Poker game. To know the complete background of this decentralized game and the involvement of bitcoin along with rules, yous should visit the official website of and from there you can get complete details.