Learn How to Ride a Hoverboard in Just 10 Minutes

Hoverboard is a two wheel self balancing scooter that most of the people love to ride on. You can use hoverboard for travelling to small distances and you are not in a mood to walk. It is a fun to ride a hoverboard because you can cover the distance when you are not in a mood to walk. Most of the people hesitates to use the hoverboard for the first time as they fear to fell down. That is why a new user will always ask is it easy to balance yourself on hoverboard? The answer is yes it is very easy to ride a hover board when you are not overexcited.

ride on hoverboard

Here I will provide a step by step guide for beginners on how to ride a hoverboard in just 10 minutes.

Learn how to balance yourself on hoverboard:

  • The very first thing that you should learn is how to stand on hoverboard in balance position.
  • For this make sure to stand along with a wall or counter or a friend so that you can get support in case you lost your balance.
  • Get on to the board by placing your one foot on that and apply your maximum weight on it.
  • After shifting your weight on first foot, now slowly try to put your second foot on hoverboard by taking support of a wall.
  • Before trying to move forward, you should try to stand right with confidence which will take few minutes.
  • You feet should be balanced so as the knees and then you have to leave the support to get confidence.

Learn how to move forward on hoverboard:

  • Once you learn how to balance yourself on hoverboard and get confidence, you should try to move forward slowly.
  • Just put your weight on forward direction to put your weight on toes and your hoverboard will start moving forward.
  • Don’t get excited and don’t try to move fast by putting more weight. Just allow your brain to analyze how to control the movement of hoverboard.
  • In start cover short distances and make it sure that you have an object at every point to hold on when you reach at that stop.
  • Most of the people fell down from the hoverboard when they try to stop and move down from it. Don’t move down until hoverboard is not moving at all.
  • Keep trying to cover small distances to get confidence in moving forward with your hoverboard.

Learn how to turn on your hoverboard:

  • Now as you learned how to stand and move forward on hoverboard, now you have to learn how to turn right or left.
  • Turning is the most crucial part of riding on a hoverboard. Most of the people fell down badly when they try to turn without even thinking what they are going to do.
  • To turn on a hoverboard first you need to shift your weight a little bit in backward direction to slowdown your hoverboard. But don’t put all the weight on back otherwise you might fell down as well.
  • After hoverboard slowdowns, you need to put extra weight on your right toe to move in right direction. After a small turn again balance yourself.
  • To turn left lean on your left toe and you will turn left. But make it sure that you are not moving fast while trying to turn.

With these easy steps in just 10 minutes you will learn how to ride on hoverboard. But the most important thing is to stay calm and don’t get too excited.

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