5 Simple and Easy DIY Crafts For Kids During Summer Holidays

It is the season of summer holidays and the kids are enjoying their free time at home. In most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, schools are usually close in the month of June to August. So, it is better to involve your kids in some creative activities like DIY crafts for kids.

For the kids, the most healthy activity could be DIY crafts. They can make a lot of things from scrap or trash material at home. You can find a lot of DIY kids crafts ideas from various websites.

Here I will mention only a few good and easy DIY kid crafts project that your kids will love for sure.

DIY Tire Projects for Kids

DIY Hanging Tire Planters

If you have some old card tires at home then your kids can use them to make various things. For example, they can make old tile planters or they can even make a tire swing as well.

DIY Old Birdcage Planters for Kids

DIY birdcage planter

This is another good idea. If you have an old birdcage, you kids can convert it into a beautiful planter. They just need to clean and wash that. And then, they need to put some potting mix in the birdcage and plant their favorite flower in that. You can hang that in your garden, or if the plant is indoors, then you can also hang the birdcage planter inside your home.

Check this DIY old birdcage planter tutorial.

DIY Pen Holder for Kids

DIY Pen holders

A pen holder is a must-have item for every school going kid. They need to keep their pencils, colors, and pens in the pen holder. So it would be fun if you can guide your kids on how to make their own DIY pen holder from an empty soda can.

DIY Empty Plastic Bottle Crafts


At every house, there are a lot of empty plastic bottles available. Your kids can make a variety of crafts using empty plastic bottles. For example, they can make a lamp from the empty plastic can, or they can even make a verticle garden using empty plastic soda cans. Here you can check different creative ways to recycle empty plastic bottles into DIY crafts.

DIY Paper Crafts for Kids

DIY paper crafts Kids

Your kids would love to craft new things using the paper as well. You can find a lot of paper crafts tutorials from the internet or YouTube. Just let the kids watch and learn and then ask them to make their favorite DIY paper craft.

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android Mobile

recover deleted photos android

Capturing the special moments using a mobile camera is a craze these days and people loves to take selfies. This craze can be found in both men and women. Usually, friends also capture their parties and trips in the mobile. Then they watch the pictures together when they meet again after years.

No one wants to lose these precious moments which are saved in form of pictures. But sometimes it happens that mobile photos and pictures accidentally get deleted. It could be done either due to a software issue or someone might delete the pictures when in hurry.

So, the question is that is it possible to get data back again on your Android device? The answer to the question is simple and good for such people. Yes, you can easily recover deleted photos and pictures on your Android mobile device.

There are different android photo recovery applications available and most of the applications are free to use. The process to recover the deleted photos is quite simple.

Best Android Photo Recovery App

If you ask us about which is the best photo recovery app for Android devices, then we recommend the Disk Digger Photo Recovery app which is specially designed for the Android mobiles. It is a free application which can be used to get your deleted photos back.

In a few easy steps, you can recover your deleted photos from any android mobile. The application is not heavy and it won’t take much space on your mobile.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

To recover deleted photos from the Android device just install the Disk Digger Photo Recovery application from the play store. After installation lunch the application and scan your device. From settings, you can change the minimum size of the file that your device scan. It is better to set it 1MB so that only high-resolution pictures are scanned and recovered.

You can also select a date range and this photo recovery app will scan only those pictures which were deleted during that date. After you get the scanned pictures, select the pictures that you want to recover by checking the checkboxes.

Once you have selected the scanned pictures, now click on recover button and the app will ask to select the storage space where you want to get the pictures stored after recovery.

It is preferred that you select the local storage and recover deleted photos on mobile storage. When you select the storage, this application will recover the deleted images and store those images again on your Android device.

The best thing about this application is that you don’t need to root your device.

Can I Recover Deleted Videos and Documents?

Yes, you can also recover deleted videos and other documents or even audio files using this free Android photo recovery app. But for that, you need to root your Android device.

Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android No Root – English

Recover Deleted Photos & Images From Android Mobile Free – Urdu

Increase your Online Magento 2 Store Sales using Gift Cards


There are various strategies to attract more and more customers to increase your sales. Offering discount coupons, a fixed or a percentage amount off while shopping is some of the widely used strategies.

Using gift cards for your customers is another good way to increase your sales by sending the cards to your valuable customers. You can either send these gifts cards from the backend of your Magento 2 store to your returning customers, or you can also offer the customers to buy a gift card from your store to send that to their loved ones as a gift.

Sending a gift card to the customer just like a promo code is quite a simple thing but many people don’t understand what is the purpose of providing an option to purchase gift cards of your online store?

Let me explain this with a simple example. Let’s suppose you want to send a gift to your girlfriend on her birthday, but you don’t have any idea what should you send. You know her birth date and you want to give her a good surprise gift which she likes. In this case, when you have no idea what should be the surprise gift for your girlfriend, you can buy a gift card from any store.

For example, if you wanted to send her a beautiful dress but you don’t know what kind of dress she would like, you can go to a clothing store and buy their gift card for $100 or any other amount which you want to use to buy the dress. Then the store owner will send that gift card to the email address of your girlfriend or you can get the physical card delivered to your girl friend’s home.

Now when your girlfriend has the gift card of $100, she can buy any dress of her own choice from that same store. So in this way, by offering a gift card, the store owner has made a sale which would not be possible if there is no option of the gift card as you don’t have any idea what kind of dress you should send to your girlfriend.

Now, if you have an online store based on Magento 2, you can also use the gift card option using Magento 2 Gift Card extension and you can easily set it up for offering gift cards to your customers and you can increase your sales.

This extension of gift cards for Magento to have also different useful options. Such as your customer will be able to use any custom message text on the gift card and you can either send the gift card virtually to an email address or you can get the gift card printed and then send it physically.

The buyer of the gift card will also have an option to select a design of his/her own choice and can also select a date on which this card should be delivered to his girlfriend.

How To Create First WordPress Website: Beginners Guide

first wordpress website

If we go back 6 to 7 years back, creating a website was considered very costly as most of the developers develop the website using core languages like PHP or ASP.NET where many expertise were required. A person who doesn’t know the programming he needs to contact with a web developer who charges $200 to $300 for a static website of up to 5 to 6 pages. Whereas for the dynamic website they charge from $500 to $5000 or even more depending on the requirements of the client. But now with the introduction of Content Management System, web development becomes very easy and even a layman who doesn’t know the ABC of programming language can develop a good dynamic website without spending much amount on that.

You Just need:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Account
  3. CMS Setup

And That is all, you can create your first WordPress website in just a few minutes. Here you can check out my detailed article about creating first WordPress website in less than 30 minutes.

How to Register Domain and Buy Hosting

You can buy a good domain name that suits your online presence from Godaddy.com where you can register cheap domain names even in $2 for the first year. Or if you don’t want to $2 on your domain name, you can even get Free domain name registration when you buy the hosting plan for you.

Hosting is actually a server where you host your website’s data. You can buy cheap shared hosting in as low as $20 for the first year from NameCheap or you can get a better hosting in $45 to $50 for the first year from Fatcow.com, Hostgator.com, BlueHost.com, SiteGround.com or any other good host which you want for your website. While you buy the hosting plan for one year, you will get the free domain name registration with it. So you should search for your domain name through Godaddy but don’t buy from there, get that same domain for free at the time of purchasing a hosting plan.

Installation of WordPress

All the hosting providers (almost) provides the free 1 click installer for many CMS. Whichever hosting you get you will get a C-Panel or vDeck Panel with that and both of these will support 1 Click WordPress installation. You will just need to provide the admin email, site title, admin username, and the password. Within few seconds 1 click installer will install the WordPress on your host with your domain name, and your first WordPress website is ready.

You can watch the video tutorial below about how you can install WordPress on your domain in just 1 click:

How to Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are used for adding extra functionality to your website. Different users have different requirements so WordPress doesn’t add all the functionality. Instead, it provides the option to add the plugin as per your requirement. Some of the important plugins are mentioned below:

  • All in One SEO Pack (Used for the On-Page SEO of your Website)
  • Yoast (Used for On Page SEO. You can use Yoast or All in One SEO Pack)
  • Contact Form 7 ( Used to create quote forms and contact us forms)
  • AdSense Manager (Used to place Adsense codes on your pages and posts)
  • Google XML Sitemaps (To create the XML sitemap of your WordPress Website)

There are many other plugins that you can install on your WordPress website. Watch the video below to learn how to install WordPress plugins.

Create Posts and Pages on your WordPress Website

Now you have to create your first post and the first page on your new WordPress website. The process is very simple and described in the video provided below. Just watch that and start creating content on your WordPress Website.


Create Menu for WordPress Website

Creating menus is very important for your website. From Appearance > Menus you can create your menu to navigate to different pages or categories on your website. You can add different categories, pages, posts or custom links in your menus. The video will be provided soon for creating a menu for WordPress website.

Setting Widgets on your Website

Widgets are small modules used to show different options or content on the right or left side widget area. Widgets can also be used in Footer or Header area of the website. It depends on the nature of your WordPress theme and the Widget you want to use. From Appearance > Widgets you can easily drag and drop available widgets on your desired location easily. I will provide the video for this soon.

Note: You should also promote your website on top of Google page in order to get the organic traffic. You can find simple WordPress SEO tips from the internet which you can use to get higher rankings, or if you don’t know how to increase blog traffic then you can also hire an SEO Freelancer who can help you in getting your website on top of your competitors.

Setup Your WordPress Theme

Selecting a good looking WordPress theme can attract your visitors. So always select the best theme for your website that should be good looking and attractive. It should be mobile friendly and responsive as well because more than 50% traffic comes from mobile devices these days. You can find free domains from WordPress.org or you can buy premium themes from different WordPress Theme providers.

The last thing you need to do is to create the sitemap, index your website in Google, submit your website and sitemap in Google Webmaster’s tool, add analytics code. Your first WordPress website is ready, you can use it for selling your products, or you can monetize your content.

How to promote your YouTube Videos and Increase Subscribers

Using social media for promoting businesses and services is an art every one can’t do this successfully. Then getting noticed on YouTube is also very important and tricky job; only a few people can do this for getting great results. The best thing for getting maximum views for your YouTube videos is to increase your YouTube subscribers which can be done by understanding the basics of YouTube. Following are the some good things to do for getting free YouTube subscribers:

YouTube Videos

Proper use of Meta Data:

While uploading the video you should understand that this video will not be visible on front page of YouTube. You will only get views if you promote it on your social profiles, or if your video is found in the search results. Remember YouTube is also a search engine where people search for their favorite YouTube videos. So you should take care of meta data, like title, description and tags which are important parts of Onsite SEO. Your title should be descriptive and attractive and it should describe the video well. It should not be lengthy nor very short. There should be at least one primary keyword in the title. Then your description should also describe what is there in the video and how it is useful for the visitor.

Learn: How to make money from YouTube & Google Adsense

This title and description is visible on Google’s search result page. If you use title and description wisely there are high chances that it will be found in search results. Tags of the video can also impact your video’s visibility in search results so provide most important keywords in tag section.

Proper Use of Thumbnail:

Thumbnail of the video plays critical role in getting attention of the visitor. While watching other YouTube videos if a user gets attracted by your thumbnail he will surely click on your video and most likely he will the subscribe your channel as well. So you should try to use a custom thumbnail to make it attractive for YouTube visitors.

Upload Unique and Creative YouTube Videos:

Most of the YouTube users try to copy the concept and content of their competitors which can attract viewers. It is very important that while recording a video, you should provide a unique and creative idea. If you want to sell your product you should make a different and professional product video review. If you are providing some entertaining content then you should try something that can go viral on internet and social media. The more interesting videos you provide more visitors will subscribe to your channel for getting latest updates from your channel.

Use SubMeNow for Getting Free Subscribers:

The last thing you can do is to use a free service to get permanent YouTube subscribers. SubMeNow is a good tool that you can use for getting real, active and free subscribers for your YouTube channel. Registration is free and you don’t need to buy any package or you don’t need to provide your credit card details. Just register and start following and subscribing other YouTube Channel. With these activities you will get YouTube Video views, likes and subscribers in return. While using this tool on regular basis you can get 15 views, likes and subscribers daily which will be very useful for your channel.


Learn How to Ride a Hoverboard in Just 10 Minutes

Hoverboard is a two wheel self balancing scooter that most of the people love to ride on. You can use hoverboard for travelling to small distances and you are not in a mood to walk. It is a fun to ride a hoverboard because you can cover the distance when you are not in a mood to walk. Most of the people hesitates to use the hoverboard for the first time as they fear to fell down. That is why a new user will always ask is it easy to balance yourself on hoverboard? The answer is yes it is very easy to ride a hover board when you are not overexcited.

ride on hoverboard

Here I will provide a step by step guide for beginners on how to ride a hoverboard in just 10 minutes.

Learn how to balance yourself on hoverboard:

  • The very first thing that you should learn is how to stand on hoverboard in balance position.
  • For this make sure to stand along with a wall or counter or a friend so that you can get support in case you lost your balance.
  • Get on to the board by placing your one foot on that and apply your maximum weight on it.
  • After shifting your weight on first foot, now slowly try to put your second foot on hoverboard by taking support of a wall.
  • Before trying to move forward, you should try to stand right with confidence which will take few minutes.
  • You feet should be balanced so as the knees and then you have to leave the support to get confidence.

Learn how to move forward on hoverboard:

  • Once you learn how to balance yourself on hoverboard and get confidence, you should try to move forward slowly.
  • Just put your weight on forward direction to put your weight on toes and your hoverboard will start moving forward.
  • Don’t get excited and don’t try to move fast by putting more weight. Just allow your brain to analyze how to control the movement of hoverboard.
  • In start cover short distances and make it sure that you have an object at every point to hold on when you reach at that stop.
  • Most of the people fell down from the hoverboard when they try to stop and move down from it. Don’t move down until hoverboard is not moving at all.
  • Keep trying to cover small distances to get confidence in moving forward with your hoverboard.

Learn how to turn on your hoverboard:

  • Now as you learned how to stand and move forward on hoverboard, now you have to learn how to turn right or left.
  • Turning is the most crucial part of riding on a hoverboard. Most of the people fell down badly when they try to turn without even thinking what they are going to do.
  • To turn on a hoverboard first you need to shift your weight a little bit in backward direction to slowdown your hoverboard. But don’t put all the weight on back otherwise you might fell down as well.
  • After hoverboard slowdowns, you need to put extra weight on your right toe to move in right direction. After a small turn again balance yourself.
  • To turn left lean on your left toe and you will turn left. But make it sure that you are not moving fast while trying to turn.

With these easy steps in just 10 minutes you will learn how to ride on hoverboard. But the most important thing is to stay calm and don’t get too excited.

Now Enjoy watching Best Hoverboard Failed Compilations:

Use of Bitcoin Lightning Network in setting up a Poker Game


As we know that Chips are used on a large scale to play poker and other such games and by Supernet.org bitcoin was also changed into chips and they have created a new project under Komodo ecosystem. The only coin in this ecosystem would be the CHIPS and it will use Segwit and Lightning Network (LN) technology of bitcoin which is best for the micro-payment channels and they are also looking for the people who can actively participate in the development and testing of this project.

There are many games in which CHIPS can be used and specifically for this project they are also looking a way to implement the chips for which they believe that Lightning Network is the best solution because it uses latest bitcoin.

As we all know that these types of games have a very short lifetime and the market price of chips don’t change very often so people like to buy the chips for these games and through BarterDEX they can redeem them later on.

For table bets they are using a unique method because there are some problem with lightning technology (LN) as multisig won’t be available for some time. According to this approach, for managing chips there will be a separate dealer on each table and each member will have their own chips who joins the table but they would be responsible to show the payment channel to their specific dealer for that table.

Lightning network payments would be made to the dealer at the end each hand and at the end of the game dealer will payout the amount to the winning player.

In this method, reputation of the dealer also very important as players needs to trust the the dealer based on his reputation before they are going to bet which means there is some risk involved in this Decentralized Poker game. To know the complete background of this decentralized game and the involvement of bitcoin along with rules, yous should visit the official website of supernet.org and from there you can get complete details.

How to make roses and fresh flowers last longer in a vase

Most of the times, people love to express their love with flowers on special occasions like wedding day, valentine day or even on birthdays. But we see that flowers and especially roses wither quickly and they could only stay fresh hardly for one day. Every person wants to use fresh bouquet of flowers as a gift to their loved ones but due to lack of knowledge and care these flowers wither within a day or two. The main reason is very obvious that flowers can no longer intake water from its stems after we cut it off. But even if we put the flowers in a vase having enough water in it, still flowers can’t stay for more then 2 days. You can make your flowers and especially roses fresh for a long time with simple tricks which I am going to discuss here.

make fresh flowers longer

  • When you get the fresh cut flower, you must remove all the leaves on the stem that are going to be under water. These leaves can deposit bacteria and fungus in water and as a result flower can’t intake the required amount of water.
  • Cut the stem from the bottom for at least 1″ long and make the surface area as bigger as you can. You can use a sharp knife and hold the stem of flower with your other hand tightly. Now you have to cut the stem at about 45 degree angle to provide the maximum surface area from where flower can drink water.
  • Try to put the flower back into water vase as soon as possible after cutting it from the garden. It is recommended to use warm water instead of cold water in the vase because flowers can intake warm water easily as compared to cold water.
  • Avoid overcrowding the flowers and provide enough space for air in between the flowers. If there is no air crossing then flower petals will bruised early.
  • If you need to make a bouquet then you must leave the flowers in fresh water for at least one complete day after removing its leaves which are under the water surface and cutting its stem.
  • Keep changing the water in vase every day. If you keep the flowers in same water for more than a day, it will add bacteria in it which can cause flowers to wither early.
  • You can also use the soda to make the flowers and roses fresh for a longer period of time. The last drops of your soda can be mixed with the water in the vase. 3 quarters of water and 1 quarter of soda are good enough to make the flowers fresh because sugar in the soda helps the flower blossoms for more time.
  • Flower preservatives can also be added in the vase along with the water that will destroy the bacteria in the water. If you don’t have flower preservatives then you can also use household bleach.
  • Using aspirin in the vase can also help to make the roses and other flowers fresh for more than a week. On first day, add one tablet of aspirin and after 24 hours add another tablet. After that leave the flowers as it is. With this method you can keep your flowers fresh for about 7 to 9 days easily.

How to check if Samsung Touch Glass is working fine?

Many users love to buy the used mobile sets because they get great features in low price. But according to some surveys, there is only 40 to 45 percent users are satisfied with the used mobile sets while others get faulty sets and the biggest problem they face is the touch of mobile is not working properly. Rest of the things every user checks, like they insert the sim into SIM card/s and they also check the memory card slot. They can check speakers and mic by connecting a call and they can also check the camera. But they don’t realize that touch of the mobile might be faulty as there are may sets having a touch glass which is faulty at some specific point. Like it is working fine while you are going from one screen to another screen, but when you need to drop the shutter menu it won’t work, or sometimes back button or menu button on touch is not working which users don’t check.

If you are going to buy a Samsung mobile from the market and it is secondhand set, then you must check its touch glass is woking from all areas or not? The best way to check this is using a secret Samsung code used for general test mode. In general test mode, you have a penalty of options to check different functions of your Samsung mobile. Like you can check colors, receiver, camera, sensors and touch as well. These option are visible in the image below and you can also check the Youtube video and learn how you can check your Samsung’s mobile touch glass working.

android samsung general mode test


How to save pictures from Instagram without using 3rd party apps

save pictures from instagram

Many people often found it difficult to save pictures from Instagram as there is no option to save pictures when you click on a specific picture. If you want to save the page then it will download a lot of pictures which you even don’t want to save on your mobile device or on your hard drive. The only way you can save the picture of your own choice on your computer is by inspecting the source code of that particular page. There are different steps involved, you can follow these steps to save pictures you like from Instagram pages.

Here is the video tutorial, you can watch this tutorial and then you will be able to save pictures and videos from Instagram.

You can also watch the same video in Urdu language to learn how to save pictures from Instagram.