Why Social Media is important and how to manage your Social accounts

As we all know that there are about 3.7 billion internet users so every business in the world is transforming itself on digital technology. This is about 50% of total world’s population which is about 7.5 billion. Out of these 3.7 billion internet users, about 2.8 billion users are active social media users which are almost 74% of total internet users. It means for any business that is seeking customers from the internet, social media users are very important. According to We Are Social, there are 4.92 billion unique mobile users in the world and out of these 2.55 users are active on social sites as well.

social media users

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According to a MOZ study, the blogs which are focusing on Social accounts they also get better organic traffic because they get great social signals and referrals from social media. So Google ranks these social media blogs higher in search results as well. Considering all these facts it is very important for every business to have a strong appearance on Social sites to attract these 2.8 billion active social media users. Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are best sources to chose as your social partners and other than these, Google Plus and LinkedIn are also worth to consider.

Just in case you want to learn why SEO and content work better together.

But it is not easy to handle all these social accounts for your social media blogs professionally and regularly.  Just creating accounts on social media is not enough, it needs a lot of followers, likes, comments and last but not the least, you need fresh content to engage the people on social media.

Many people hire an expert for these activities but that ends up with great costs and no good results. Because the way a person can understand his own business, no other can. Here you need a good social media management tool that can do all your tasks related to social media management with just a few clicks and that should work for all your social media accounts.

If you search on the internet, you can find many social media poster tools for your but Jarvee is the one which you should try because of its effectiveness. With my own experience, I can say without any doubt that Jarvee is one of the best Social media poster tools; that is good enough to provide you desired results. This is easy to use and friendly tool which is responsible for all your social media activities on all the accounts.

The best thing about Jarvee, you can use this as a trial for five days without paying a single penny and you can watch the video tutorials as well to understand the working of this beautiful tool. One video is provided below more you can watch on YouTube.

How to promote your YouTube Videos and Increase Subscribers

Using social media for promoting businesses and services is an art every one can’t do this successfully. Then getting noticed on YouTube is also very important and tricky job; only a few people can do this for getting great results. The best thing for getting maximum views for your YouTube videos is to increase your YouTube subscribers which can be done by understanding the basics of YouTube. Following are the some good things to do for getting free YouTube subscribers:

YouTube Videos

Proper use of Meta Data:

While uploading the video you should understand that this video will not be visible on front page of YouTube. You will only get views if you promote it on your social profiles, or if your video is found in the search results. Remember YouTube is also a search engine where people search for their favorite YouTube videos. So you should take care of meta data, like title, description and tags which are important parts of Onsite SEO. Your title should be descriptive and attractive and it should describe the video well. It should not be lengthy nor very short. There should be at least one primary keyword in the title. Then your description should also describe what is there in the video and how it is useful for the visitor.

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This title and description is visible on Google’s search result page. If you use title and description wisely there are high chances that it will be found in search results. Tags of the video can also impact your video’s visibility in search results so provide most important keywords in tag section.

Proper Use of Thumbnail:

Thumbnail of the video plays critical role in getting attention of the visitor. While watching other YouTube videos if a user gets attracted by your thumbnail he will surely click on your video and most likely he will the subscribe your channel as well. So you should try to use a custom thumbnail to make it attractive for YouTube visitors.

Upload Unique and Creative YouTube Videos:

Most of the YouTube users try to copy the concept and content of their competitors which can attract viewers. It is very important that while recording a video, you should provide a unique and creative idea. If you want to sell your product you should make a different and professional product video review. If you are providing some entertaining content then you should try something that can go viral on internet and social media. The more interesting videos you provide more visitors will subscribe to your channel for getting latest updates from your channel.

Use SubMeNow for Getting Free Subscribers:

The last thing you can do is to use a free service to get permanent YouTube subscribers. SubMeNow is a good tool that you can use for getting real, active and free subscribers for your YouTube channel. Registration is free and you don’t need to buy any package or you don’t need to provide your credit card details. Just register and start following and subscribing other YouTube Channel. With these activities you will get YouTube Video views, likes and subscribers in return. While using this tool on regular basis you can get 15 views, likes and subscribers daily which will be very useful for your channel.


Gtech Discount Codes. 5 Ways Gtech.co.uk Use Coupons To Boost Online Sales

In this article, we show how UK manufacturer use their Gtech voucher codes to increase profits and enhance user experience on site. Gtech sells high tech innovative products, vacuum cleaners, eBikes and accessories as well as garden tools, through their website, Gtech.co.uk and their Facebook page.

Using discount codes can be a smart way to attract new and repeat customers. However, in some cases, large discounts can have disastrous effects in a business. Here we’ll take a look at how Gtech coupons are used to maintain customer loyalty and drive more sales.


Using coupon codes to measure ROI

Using coupon codes is one of the best ways to measure return on investment of an advertising campaign.

To do this, Gtech uses different coupon codes for each ad outlet- that is social media pages, Google and their weekly/monthly newsletter. Recording the codes used on each purchase, the marketing team can track the codes back to the marketing channel.

This data is very important as it provides concrete information on what marketing campaign works better and what is not working. With this information, the company can channel more marketing resources to the right campaign generating more sales.

Using Gtech promotional codes to reward loyal Facebook fans

With Facebook being one of the major social media sites, loyal Facebook fans should always be a target for coupons and discounts. It is an effective tool for strengthening the bond between a business and customers. Gtech regularly provide coupon offers to their loyal Facebook fans for their high tech products. For example, £20 off AirRam Cleaners is a popular offer that saves 10% of the cost of one of Gtech’s most popular products.

Using promo codes to bringing in more customers

Giving 10% off on a product will certainly make customers choose your business over competition. Even better, offering discount coupons with an expiry date creates a sense of urgency to prospects.

This is what Gtech does. By making the discount code offer limited in duration potential customers will be compelled to act fast. With time, the group of new customers become even more valuable.

Using vouchers to maintain the existing list of customers

Sending coupon codes to existing customers is a great way to maintain the relationship with them. For example, you can send them a 10% off their next purchase. This helps to keep your list of customers alive and makes them feel that you still care.

Using discount codes for Gtech to target people who abandon the shopping cart

Purchasing products online often involves filling in personal information including the email address then placing products of choice in the shopping cart. More often than not, shoppers abandon their cart halfway through the shopping.

Targeting these users involves sending them an email with an offer of exactly what they had in the shopping cart before they left so as to motivate them to complete the purchase. This works great and significantly improves shopping cart conversion rates.

However, similar to all marketing strategies, do not overdo coupon offers. Sending them too frequently and filling customers’ email box with offers may risk them unsubscribing. Also, just like Gtech discount codes, before sending any offer, ensure that is of
great value.

3 Ways SEO & Content Work Better Together

seo with content

The way SEO and content marketing relate can always feel a little complex, particularly in the way they integrate. Are they getting along? Are they at loggerheads with each other? If that is the case, can you ever make them function as a whole?

“If you are seeking to build your qualified search traffic, you cannot do it with only one; you should combine your search engine optimization efforts with content that is engaging”, says Michael Joseph, an expert at A+ Digital for SEO Services.

However, what is the best strategy to do this?

The most effective strategy for a brand or marketer searching for ways to leverage search engine optimization and content marketing is to analyze the ways in which they interconnect. Here are a few tips to do that:

1 . Direct result of engaging content brings about a diverse backlink portfolio

Google makes use of links to measure a website’s trust, relevance, and authority. So your rankings will be boosted by generating a large quantity of linkable content.

Do you know what the key to linkable content is? A study of over 300 content marketing campaigns by Fractl and Moz showed there are 4 important elements to content that are highly shareable:

  • A pop culture element
  • Broad appeal
  • Highly emotional
  • Comparison

2 . Quality and quantity

Your content team would like more content that is quality, however, the SEO team may be more paying more attention to the quantity of output. The more content generated by your team, the higher the chance your company is going to be appearing in search results for a variety of search terms being targeted by the team. Businesses that blog often have 97% more inbound links.

Often times though, there is a limit to the quantity of content you can generate before something produces. If you concentrate a lot on quantity, the quality of your content is going to drop as your teams find it difficult to generate more and more.

The secret here is getting a sustainable strategy to balance content and search engine optimization. Producing top-quality content at a steady and measurable speed will bring about more engagement, more site visitors and more backlinks.

3 . You can generate content ideas with the help of keywords

You will not find such thing as search engine optimization without keywords. The smartest content marketers know that the best content will help you rank for the terms which are most associated with what your clients are already looking for. That is why each useful content approach begins with researching keywords.

“You can start an extensive session of keyword research with some easy brainstorming. Think of the primary objectives of your website and write down some keywords. Next, widen this list by using keyword tools” says Andrea Lehr, Brand Relationship Strategist at Fractl .

Here are 2 ways you can find keywords beyond those you presently rank for:

  • Google autocomplete and related searches: It is good to step inside the mind of what your clients are looking for rather than through Google. For instance, if you wanted to start dedicated to pizzas. “The best pizza” is a search that your target market is already probably using; however, when you search on Google, you will find a list of prospective long-tail keywords.
  • Paid tools such as SEMrush: You can also use SEMrush to see how competitive the potential keywords are. In the main dashboard of the platform, there is an area that provides related keywords, which is an excellent resource to identify terms that your website may not already rank for.

As soon as you have got a set list of keywords, think of the way you use them efficiently beyond title tags and Meta descriptions.

Below are some other ways you can make use of your keyword research:

  • Dynamic and static assets: Keywords may be a starting off point to more innovative projects. With regards to “best pizza toppings,” you might build an engaging asset that allows users create their own pizzas.
  • Blog posts: You can generate new blog topics with the help of your list of keywords. Referring to the example of pizza, you can come up with a blog post of where you sample several pizzas from fast food chains.
  • Social networking: You can get new opportunities for social promotion with the help of keyword research, particularly through new hashtag ideas.