Become a Freelancer or Get you Job as a Web Developer in UK


Right from the start of 21st century there was very fast advancements and progress in information technology industry. With improved laptops and computers and high speed internet access people started their online businesses in different areas. From 2008-09 there were very fast improvements in Smartphone development which allows people to use internet on the go. With time as smartphone becomes affordable for middle class people, online business trends becomes more popular because people can buy products without going into the market and can receive the products at their doorstep.

With this increasing trend, need of developers also increases and many students and fresh graduates selected web development as their career. There are various aspects in web development career which should be analyzed before you select a platform. For example whether you are going towards custom development or you want to become an expert of different content management systems like you can create website using WordPress or other CMS. Also which programming language your are going to select as your primary language so that you can use that in other projects as well.

As a web developer you have two options to start your career. You can become self employed which means you can start your career as a freelancer on different freelancing sites liek UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more. If you have expertise in web development you can get small projects from these websites and once you have good feedback on your profile you will be called for interviews for bigger projects and you can setup your own small working team to complete your projects.

On Fiverr you can offer small fixes related to web development in very less price. You can also create Gigs for offering big shopping carts and other eCommerce websites. Apart from freelancing you can also join a software house or web development company to work with. You can find out many jobs which are mostly from private firms seeking for experienced web developers. Searching for web developer jobs UK, Australia, USA or with other countries can provide you a lot of job opportunities where you can apply online or you can drop your CV at their office. Working with a team on a web development project could be a good experience as you can learn many new things, new ways to explore different things and new logic to solve the problems in different and better way to improve the overall performance of the website.

Whether you love to do coding using core language or you want to use a CMS for quick website development, you can start your career as a web developer freelancer or you can find a secure job in a good company around your area.

The Recall Abduction App is a big innovation in the world of Virtual Reality

The Recall VR Abduction Trailer

With the release of The Recall VR Abduction App on 23 June 2017, Wesley Snipes has undoubtedly expanded the boundaries of the Virtual Reality Technology magnificently. Before this initial advent of this action hero of Hollywood in the world of Virtual Reality, no one could imagine the powers of this technology to encompass such heights, even the mad lovers of the VR world.

With time, the modes of entertainment provision have transformed largely at a fast pace. It wasn’t much long before when the play station games, Lego, and remote control products were a vital part of the entertainment technology. It has soon been replaced by the virtual reality panoramic formats of games, Apps and movies, Hover boards, and the fidget spinners.

You can find the virtual reality headsets of varying quality and price range in the market. Even the commercial world of entertainment is making big contributions to this technology by making special grand seats where one can view the wide scale panoramic forms of short clips and get deeply indulged in the live world of these short adventurous featured films of fifteen minutes to half hour or so. So now it’s not just the categorization of 3D, 4D and even 6D; it is the entire enormous world of VR, which you can make at your home with the cinema kind of sound system along.

Wesley Snipes perceived this at far and his co-team of the actual accompanied theatrical movie, The Recall, happily became the part of the crew family. Mauro Borrelli, the Blockbuster giving director of Hollywood is the director of The Recall and its VR Abduction App. Minds Eye Entertainment and Bridgegate Pictures are the production companies of this App. Among the actors is the lead action character of Brendan, who is actually RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad; and the characters of:

  • Charlie played by Jedidiah Goodacre
  • Niko Pepaj as Rob
  • Laura Maria as Annie
  • And Hannah May as Kara

These play the strong role in The Recall and its VR Abduction short clip of thirteen minutes that was shot without a break, in which this great team fights the invader aliens of the British Columbia. The experience of the ability of the flying heroic characters in this VR app is terrifically mesmerizing. The digital crisp experience of viewing The Recall VR Abduction app on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear fully captivates the user’s mind and heart, and he/she feels being victorious in real to destroy the bad Aliens.

This VR App of Wesley Snipes can be viewed in multiple formats that have made this VR experience a highly exhilarating one. The App also comprises of the trailer, camera stills and exciting behind-the scenes videos in the 2D format for the loving fans of Wesley Snipes.

How to Shoot 360 Degree Video and Watch On VR Headset

360 degree vr videos

360 Degree videos is a fun to watch different documentaries and movies, though it is a new technology but it is already released for the public. You can use YouTube and Facebook to watch 360 degree videos by using a supported device like VR head set. You can also create your own 360 degree VR videos and can upload it on YouTube or other supported websites. There are only few websites and cameras which are able to shoot and host 360 degree videos. YouTube is compatible with Kodak SP360, Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, and Giroptic 360cam cameras. To buy these you need to invest around 300 to 400 USD according to the availability of that camera.

Instead of buying these cameras you can also create your own rig by using a series of GoPro cameras, though this is expensive solution but this is reliable as cameras are tested and gives you best results. While recording these 360 degree videos you must use the same type and model of cameras with same settings, same quality. And also keep this in mind that while shooting this video, every angle, every part of the room or where you are shooting will be recorded even the person who is controlling the recording will also be there so take these things in account while shooting. Also try to keep the light same for every angle so that same quality video can be recorded without any problem.

After recording the video, Kolor Autopano Video is a software that can be used to combine all the footages to generate a 360 degree video and it is also compatible with YouTube as well. You can learn how to use this software by YouTube videos easily.

After recording and editing of 360 degree video, uploading it on YouTube is not as simple as any other video. You can’t just click on upload select the file and wait for the upload process to complete. To upload a 360 degree video on YouTube you need to first create a new file from your video using a metadata application provided by YouTube and click on inject and save by selecting your 360 degree video. After new file is saved on your computer, upload it on YouTube, it will take comparatively longer time as compared to a normal video uploading time.

Now your video is ready on YouTube to watch, you can use mouse or keyboard keys W, A, S, D to control the video.

Things To Consider Before Buying Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen


Due to unemployment youth of developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some other taking more interest in freelancing, where they get the online jobs from abroad and developed countries and they earn a good amount as compared to a income from a permanent job in these countries. And then these freelancers also create their own blogs for showcasing their work or to earn through Google adsense. Video logging is advanced form of simple blogging and in Vlogging freelancers creates their own unique videos with unique ideas. They can create prank videos, hidden camera videos or they can also record videos for some technical tutorials so that other people can solve their problems by watching these informative videos.

When people start creating videos for vlogging, they require a good and professional camera which can be used in vlogging so that good and clear videos are available for the vlog. But before a freelancer starts vlogging he/she must have a good vlogging camera with flip screen. Flip screen refers to a phenomena in gaming while player exists from one screen to another screen and on changing of this screen the display flips and that is why it is called flip screen.

There are various factors involved in selecting a good vlogging camera with flip screen which a vlogger needs to consider before buying a camera. The first thing you should consider as a vlogger is the image/video quality of your camera. You should go for a camera which can record videos in 1080p or full HD quality video so that you can make a clear video and the point you want to focus can be scene clearly. If you have budget problem then you should go for a camera that can record at least 720 pixle video.

Sound recording should also be exceptionally good so that in a video tutorial your voice can be heard clearly by the viewers. Some cameras also have an external jack for mic, if you find such camera then it is good so that you can attach a professional microphone to record the audio in good quality and minimum noise. Lens of the camera should also be good as in most of the video recording in creating tutorials, you need to make the video with a short range and if your camera lens can not focus the close objects then it can not be used for vlogging video recording. So make it sure that camera lens is good enough to record close objects so that your video is not out of focus.

Last but not the least, weight of the camera also very important because you have to carry the camera in your hand and in long videos if the camera is heavy then you can’t make stable videos and video will be shaky because of the weight of your vlog camera. So, before you buy a vlogging camera with flip screen, you should consider all these things because these are the most important things you should consider before you select a camera.

Why Slow Website Affects Business & How CDN Helps to Speedup the website


A good looking and responsive website is the basic need of time because people don’t like to wait for the content to load on any website. They want quick and fast performing websites so that they can save their precious time because it is a known fact that time is money. If a website taking much time in loading the content visitor will not stay on that site and will close the web page to search for an alternative to that service.

How Slow Speed Can Effect the Sales

This is confirmed by a survey report that if your website is taking 1 second delay time as compared to the competitors than your website will face a decrease in its page views up to 11% where as customer will start losing trust on that website and because of this reason customer satisfaction stats will decrease up to 16%. The same survey report also said that due to lest customer trust and lesser page views overall sales from that website will also decrease up to 7% which can affect the business badly.

How Slow Speed Can Effect Google Rankings

Another factor which is important for any website’s performance is its ranking in Google search engine. According to another study 51% of total internet traffic comes from organic searches so if you are not visible in Google searches then you are losing 51% of your potential traffic and hence the customers as well. Due to these reasons Google announced in 2010 that it will consider the page speed of a website as well while ranking the site on its list. Less page views will increase the bounce rate which is an important factor of On-Site SEO and Google consider on-site SEO for organic rankings and Google stated in 2010 that 1% search results were penalized due to slow speed factor. So it is very important to improve the speed and performance of the website to increase the sales, page views and Google rankings as well.

There are different methods to improve the page load speed for a slow website like working with CSS and java scripting or buying an expensive dedicated server. It can also be done easily by using a CDN server Cloud Flare and CDN HighWinds are famous services in this content.

What is CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and it’s a system to deliver the content of a website which can be the web pages, scripts or other content to the end user from their nearest server. Basically the website’s data is stored on the main hosting server but a CDN keeps the cached pages of the website on its distributed servers which are available in different geographical areas and when a user requests a webpage from a specific location, CDN don’t send the request to main hosting for that webpage but actually it delivers the cached page which is stored on the CDN server which is near to that distributed server.

How CDN Works

As described in the definition a CDN service provides have their serves in different areas of the world and it minimize the distance between the end user and the point where web page is to deliver to the user. On different geographical areas (also known as points of presence PoPs), CDN stores the cached version of the website and each Point of presence consists of different caching servers which are responsible to deliver the requested pages from its cache to the visitor.

So actually it decreased the distance between the end user and the source from where pages will be accessed and in this way it increases the speed of a slow website. For example if a visitor in India wanted to access a webpage on your website which is hosted on a USA server it might take the server 7 to 10 seconds to deliver the page from the Host in USA but if your website is on a CDN then that page might be delivered from a cache server in Singapore, China or even from India which reduces the time of delivery from 7 seconds to 2 or 3 seconds. In this way a CDN can almost double the speed of your website and hence it will also improve your sales and rankings in Google as well.

What is HighWinds CDN

Highwinds CDN is just a content delivery network provided by the company Highwinds who claimed that their CDN is lightening fast and provides real time content delivery network with better reporting, good professional support and engineers who are available to help the customers 24/7. If you are familiar with how to use a CDN then you must try CDN highwinds for once to improve the website’s speed and other matrices.

Iridium Extreme 9575, Toughest Satellite Phone Ever

Iridium 9575 Extreme

No one can deny the importance of wireless communication these days because people are interconnected with each other from different cities to different countries. No medium other than wireless communication can give them the freedom to communicate whenever they need, where ever they are. That is why it is hard to find a person who is not using a mobile phone even in under developed countries. Almost every single person whether a girl or a boy, housewife or working women businessman or sportsman is using a mobile phone to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Satellite phone is the innovation in wireless communication which remove all the limitations we had in traditional smartphones like roaming problems and no service areas. With a satellite phone you can stay connected with the whole world no matter where you are. While travelling in the air or in deserts, travelling in sea or in mountains you can make and receive calls with your sat phone anywhere any time.

There are different mobile phones from different satellite networks but Iridium Extreme 9575 is the best and toughest phone that is ever made with a lot of features and accessories. Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone is 10% thinner and 7% lighter phone as compared to its previous model Iridium 9555 and it is the smallest satellite phone ever made by Iridium.

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone Features:

  • Durability according to Military-grade 810F
  • Highest Ingress Protection possesses IP65 industry rating
  • Rugged, high-gain antenna
  • Iridium 9575 also have online tracking service
  • Hard and tough material is Water, dust and shock resistant
  • Best for sending and receiving email and SMS
  • It also supports hands free
  • For data transfer it has Mini USB port
  • The Extreme Satellite Phone also have a GPS tracking function along with button for emergency situations.

Battery life of Iridium Extreme 9575 is good, it has 30 hours stand by time while it can provide you up to 4 hours talk time. It can store u to 100 contacts in its internal phone book memory and also store call logs like dialed received and missed calls. In short this is the best satellite phone ever made by any satellite network provider which can resist in any weather and durable for any location.

Cyber Security Professional have alarmed business to learn about the GDPR Principles for high Compliance and Early Adaptation


GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, the most highlighted and talked about news, has come into existence after the joint efforts of four years of the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, for all the citizens of the European Union. This was surely the much needed legislation of the era and has replaced the Data Protection Directive on 14 April 2016. GDPR will be enforced strictly as the European Law exactly two years later in May 2018; the organizations running business within the European Union and the member states, if do not abide by these data privacy laws, will be heavily penalized with either 4% of the yearly global turnover of revenue or will be charged 20 million pounds.

Companies of Europe are warned not to take this as lightly as the Data Protection Directive, they will have to strictly adhere with it from day one of the GDPR implementation. The objective of establishing General Data Protection Regulation is to uniformly apply data privacy laws throughout Europe and protect every individual’s data privacy who resides in Europe. This practice will strengthen the protection of the private data, which is the right of every individual. Unfortunately, the former Data Protection Directive is found deficient of providing the needed privacy protection that every particular individual and organizations need.

Many businesses in this fast paced social media world have to be reminded the value of personal data. It has become a commonly observed practice for some years now that once you visit a business or a franchise, even a highly reputed one, and share your contact details with them for future updates of their offers, the next day your smartphones and E-mail inboxes are exploded with offers and updates of several other shopping facilities and you keep on wondering how they got your contact number or email address. You are often unsubscribing from their mails or throwing them into spam mails. GDPR will surely serve as a game changer and bring an immense transformation to this viral business trend.

However, businesses do not seem to welcome the General Data Protection Regulation with an open heart. Most of them do not seem to or seem negligent to understand the principles of this legislation, some are even confused about how much compliant they are at present with the upcoming GDPR for the data privacy protection of their customers.

Zangu: Language Learning App For Kids by AITeachU

With the advancement in technology education is also getting advance day by day. Days are gone when you need to hire teachers who teach you every day at a fixed time at your home. Or you no longer need to go to academy every day for tuition after spending hectic time at school. In Asian countries like India and Pakistan it is also a big trend to learn foreign languages so that they can get work Visa for the respective countries. There are so many institutes where people go to learn English, Spanish, Italian, German or some other languages. But why people should wait to learn a language when they need visa? Why not from the childhood so that they can speak like a native speaker and they don’t face any problems in reading, writing or speaking that language.

On the basis of the fact that kids can learn any language in less time as compared to an adult AITeachU has developed a new app called Zangu which uses artificial intelligence to teach you different languages every month. The app is especially designed for kids and to make the app interesting it has different kind of activities, puzzles and games. 3 years to 10 years kids can use this language learning app at their own without the help of others. There is not even a single character in the app and it will not intended to show kids that they are learning some thing extra and they don’t feel any burden on them of learning a new language like they could feel at school if they ask to learn something new.

Because of amazing science used in Zangu app the developers has made it very friendly for kids and they can speak any new language by using the app only for one to two months. In this short time your kids will start speaking just like a native kid with proper accent and without errors. Kids will use this language learning app just like any other entertaining app and the keep learning new languages. For Indian and Pakistani kids, Zangu app is very good to teach English language with proper pronunciation. It is equally good for adults as well who can not only learn new languages but they can also improve any language which the knew a little.

Data Centre Protection for Webhosting and Educational Institutes

Security should be one of the key aspects in the development process of a data centre.

Any organisation, whether they are an educational or government institute or a private web hosting company will want their servers to be safe from both virtual and physical attacks at all times. Large, custom build data centers in particular should pay a lot of attention to things like natural disasters, terrorism and intrusion.

Here is just an introduction into three things designers should bear in mind when taking security in the design of a data centre.

Surrounding Environment

No matter whether we’re talking about moving an existing facility to a different location or building a new data centre from scratch, researching the surrounding area should always be one of your top priorities. In most cases, mission critical data centers should be placed far away from busy and crowded offices. The security of a data centre can be compromised by a great many things, including other businesses, busy roads and residential areas.

Natural Disasters

When building a data centre, any history of natural disasters such as flooding, forest fires and earthquakes should be taken into consideration. A large number of west Europe-based hosting providers don’t need to worry about earthquake mitigation measures at all – mostly due to rarely having to deal with earthquakes. In places however, such as the East Coast of the United States or Japan, earthquakes occur with a frightening regularity and present a real threat to any data centre. In recent years, the risk of serious infrastructural damage caused by moderate and heavy earthquakes has only grown higher.

A seismic event brings with itself a lot of negative effects, including unplanned downtime and remediation work, major equipment and infrastructure damage, financial risks and loss of market share. One of the most common workarounds to this problem is to have some semblance of seismic support. In most cases, this usually includes building a certain number of structural steel support frames. These support frames are designed to enhance the static and dynamic loads of critical IT equipment during any seismic activity.

Protection Against Intruders

As a rule, any hosting facility should try to utilize a variety of security and access solutions. Fob keys and card-swipe entry systems are a good start, but the most popular data centres also make use of the more complex systems such as retina scanners and biometric readers. You also have your CCTV systems, which offer the option of recording internal and external footage around the clock. Most of these systems come with the ability of recording thermal images and full 360-degree images.

A locked door policy throughout the building should be a no-brainer. Additionally, any visitors should be screened and only be allowed access with a confirmed appointment. All employees should have their backgrounds checked for criminal records which may bring the security of the data centre into question.

A data centre should do its best to secure its employees, operations and products from any physical and natural threats. Private organisations, such as storage companies and webhosting providers secure their market position by investing heavily in infrastructure protection.

This article was written using information provided by Webhostingology who publish in their site the latest technologies for webhosting and datacenter development. In the academic arena, Webhostingology supports students of universities and colleges through their annual student scholarship.

How to check if Samsung Touch Glass is working fine?

Many users love to buy the used mobile sets because they get great features in low price. But according to some surveys, there is only 40 to 45 percent users are satisfied with the used mobile sets while others get faulty sets and the biggest problem they face is the touch of mobile is not working properly. Rest of the things every user checks, like they insert the sim into SIM card/s and they also check the memory card slot. They can check speakers and mic by connecting a call and they can also check the camera. But they don’t realize that touch of the mobile might be faulty as there are may sets having a touch glass which is faulty at some specific point. Like it is working fine while you are going from one screen to another screen, but when you need to drop the shutter menu it won’t work, or sometimes back button or menu button on touch is not working which users don’t check.

If you are going to buy a Samsung mobile from the market and it is secondhand set, then you must check its touch glass is woking from all areas or not? The best way to check this is using a secret Samsung code used for general test mode. In general test mode, you have a penalty of options to check different functions of your Samsung mobile. Like you can check colors, receiver, camera, sensors and touch as well. These option are visible in the image below and you can also check the Youtube video and learn how you can check your Samsung’s mobile touch glass working.

android samsung general mode test