What to wear in Egypt? A guide for Men and Women

what to wear egypt

What to wear is either depends on your own liking and disliking or on the weather conditions. But sometimes when you are at a place where you don’t belong, you must consider the local culture and customs of local people while choosing your clothes.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourists place in the world because of some amazing facts about Egyptian Pyramids. Every year a lot of tourists visit different historical and adventurous places in Egypt.

When you are going to Egypt, you should somehow care about your dressing. Egypt is a Muslim state and Muslim community have a special dress coding as they don’t want to reveal the body parts too much.

So, when you are in Egypt you should consider the sentiments of the local people and you should respect their concerns about dressing. When you are in a Muslim country, then not only the women but men should also know what they should wear and what they should not.

What to Wear in Egypt

Clothing tips for Women

As we all know that Muslims give much respect to women and they don’t want to reveal the body of women, so ladies should know what to wear while they are in Egypt.

What to Wear in Egypt

Well, don’t think that Egypt is a state of stone age where you have to cover yourself completely. People of Egypt are very friendly and they respect the ladies tourists as well.

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They also understand that tourists can’t wear exactly the same clothes as the local people do. But anyhow, you can’t wear what you wear in the European countries.

While you are in your hotel, you can wear anything you like. But never think about going outside topless or in a Bikini. Women can wear long shorts and t-shirts. They will be more comfortable in this dress and the local people won’t mind as well.

While you are in a tourist place like El Gouna Excursions, you can even wear shorts with sleeveless shirts. People of Egypt on tourists places understand these things and they are more concerned about selling their product rather than noticing what you wear.

Again, never think to wear a Bikini or never go out topless even at the tourist place otherwise you might get upset by the behavior of the local people. Even regular tourists of Egypt don’t like if someone wears a bikini or a dress that is too much revealing on the public place.

Remember, Egyptian people dislike if women reveal some part of the stomach or hips. Too much exposure of the cleavage is also disliked. So, remember this while you are on Hurghada excursions.

If you are visiting a religious place, then you should be more careful and should wear a kaftan so that your complete body should be covered except your face, hands, and feet.

Clothing tips for Men

There is a specific dress code for men. But that is only for the local people. As a tourist, you are not bound to wear the same dress. Men have the same options as the women.

Many people believe that Muslims don’t like pant shirts, but that is not true. You can wear that without any hesitation. You can wear shorts, you can wear trousers as well.

So, this is what you should wear and what you should avoid wearing while you are in Egypt.

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Pakistan is Asian country and a part of sub-continent. Pakistan is victimized by terrorist as there were so many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts just a few years back and then Pak Army started an operation to clean all the areas of Pakistan specially Northern areas and FATA. As a result of this operation now the situation is very much under control and people can move freely even in those areas which were not safe before. Successfully hosting the PSL Final match in Lahore is also a good example that Pakistan is a safe place now to visit. In 2009 a group of terrorists attacked on Sri Lankan cricket team when they were going to Gaddafi Stadium of Lahore in a bus, since then no international match was held in Pakistan until a couple of years back Zimbabwe cricket team visited Pakistan but that did’t make any impact at that time. Now after the PSL Final match, people and tourists believes that they can visit the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. I have selected  only 3 places which are must visit points if you are planning to visit Pakistan and want to explore its beauty.

  1. Naltar valley

    Naltar is famous for the beautiful and colorful lakes and it is like paradise on earth. This is safe place to visit and situated at the distant of 40 KM from Gilgit and it takes about 2 hours to travel from Gilgit to Naltar valley. Naltar is also famous for the world’s most delicious potatoes which are cultivated here. Naltar is also called Naltar Lake because city is famous because of this lake. Naltar is situated at an altitude of 3050m to 3150m. The valley is covered with the beautiful trees of pine and the most beautiful thing is the green mountains covered with the snow which make this part of the world the most beautiful place on earth. You should visit this place at least once in your life and then you will visit this again and again to watch heaven on the earth.

    naltar valley

    naltar lake

  2. Shangrila resort, Skardu

    Skardu is the main valley of Gilgit Baltistan, the most beautiful and amazing place to watch. It is situated in extreme north of Pakistan and few years back it was not the safe place but now Skardu is full of tourists and local people because of its beautiful Shangrila lake or also called Shangrila resort. People of this valley are well educated but very simple and nice. They will welcome you at their place with love and affection and they make friends with their friendly behavior. You will find a lot of big and small lakes and streams. Shangrila is about 25 minutes away from Skardu by drive and it is famous for the hearth shape lake which looks very beautiful when you see it from a high point and also its fresh blue water is eye catching. If you visit Pakistan, you must visit the Shangrila lake in Skardu.

    shangrila resort

    shangrila lake

  3. Lake Saiful Muluk

    Lake Saiful Muluk is covered with the mountains and situated at about 10,578 feet above the see level and it is considered as the heighest lake in Pakistan. It is located at the end of Kaghan Valley with Naran Valley. It is close to Mansehra district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Lake Saif ul Muluk is famous for the fairy tales and local people believes that on the 14th moon night, fairies lands on the lake to take a bath with fresh water. And they also tell the story of Prince of Persia named Shehzada Saiful Muluk who came here and fell in love with a fairy princes whose name was Shehzadi Badri Jamala who was the most beautiful fairy on this planet. This lake is covered with snow for large part of the year and only for few months people can visit this place, there is also a myth about this lake (in stories of local people) that depth of lake saiful muluk is unknown and no one is able to find the depth of this lake. Some believes that depth of the lake is about 1 kilo meters, while many other believe that it is actually 1.7 kilo meters deep. Obviously this can’t be true as a recent survey shows that this lake is about 50 meter. Anyhow, this is also very beautiful place you can visit if you are planning a tour for Pakistan.


lake saiful muluk

lake saif ul malook